This lovely lady is Florence who is a 7-8 years old. Florence came into another rescue having been picked up as a stray on the streets of London so her history is unknown.

Now in foster with us, Florence is very well behaved but will need owners used to the breed as she does need to be introduced to new dogs and new people correctly. However she has been very friendly with other dogs she has met but can be a little pushy at times.

A gentle girl who has been very calm and easy and loves a fuss, she has had some lumps and bumps removed and is sensitive around her ears which have been treated and clear at present.

Would prefer a quieter life without young children. Would live with another dog but middle aged upwards.

This is what her foster mum has to say about her:

“Flo has been waiting patiently to be introduced to everyone.  She found her foster family on Valentine’s day & is making the most of stay at what she describes as “La Chien Resort”.  Flo was picked up as a stray in London & has seen the workings of other rescues too.  Flo shows all the signs of having lived alone & probably outside or in an out building. Flo does not like shouting, but is learning the difference between louder cheering & anger, especially on tv.  She shows less & less signs of fear as the days pass.  She has clearly been “told off” & can cower if scared or retreat to her bed.

Like many Pearly Queens, Flo has experienced life, motherhood & is very street wise, knowing its a bit late in life for a boob job!   Flo knows her way round the kitchen & likes a sneak peak inside the fridge to see if there are moorish morsels just for her.  Flo enjoys her food, waiting patiently for it to be served & chicken & cheese are her favourite treats. She can be very gentle.

Flo does not know how to play, & runs away from a ball as if its going to hurt her, perhaps things have be thrown at her rather than to or for her in the past.  Her foster family are working with her to find toys she can enjoy.  So far Eden, her foster sister is her favourite, & Flo licks & mothers her frequently.

Flo is learning about spacial awareness with her 2 sisters, & after a good clean of Eden’s chops, Flo is very happy to take herself off to her bed for a quiet napp in the afternoon, knowing all is in order.

Flo does have a bark, more of a deep rasping (40 cigarettes a day) sound, & she will let you know when you have visitors.  Flo likes watching out the windows for entertainment, running squirrels being her particular interest to study.

Flo has BIG dreams & is optimistic that there is a special couple, who live in a country mansion, will let her sleep on their cashmere throws & feed her steak for breakfast & supper & go with her to check out the acres on their estate at least a couple of times a day.  Flo certainly knows what she wants!!  In reality, to be safe, loved & cherished in a stress free home would suit Flo as she really is a true Pearly Queen, happy with what life throws her way & ever hopeful.

Oh Flo asks one last thing – please don’t scratch her ears they remind her of the pain from neglect, but do tickle her tummy, she enjoys a vigorous belly rub.

Dates with Flo can be arranged – just let this Pearly Queen know when to get her glad rags out!!”

Flo’s foster family couldn’t let her go!!

The lovely Flo hhas gone to Rainbow Bridge having had nearly 3 wonderful years with her forever family.




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