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Say hello to our little Heidi. Came into us sometime ago from the pound where she wasn’t scanned but when she came to us we found a chip! Having contacted the chip company she was in fact called Kim (but prefers Heidi) and was 10 years old and spayed. She is now 11.

Heidi went into foster with 6 sheps, 2 terriers, 3 cats, and horses. She was absolutely fine with all of them.

Heidi is a cross shep and is a tiny girl, a quite soul who fits in without much fuss, obedient when told to do something, good recall when off lead. Has learned to play and loves life to the full.

She had found herself a wonderful new home but a year later circumstances have changed and her mum is having to move into a flat where Heidi cannot go.

Do you think you could offer this older lady a place to call her own for the last time please?

Heidi has herself a wonderful retirement home!

The gorgeous Heidi has gone to Rainbow Bridge x


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