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Have a look at this lovely lad, his name is Max and sadly for him his life so far has been pretty rubbish! He had been living as a yard dog with not very nice folk.

He still needs neutering which will be done once he gains a little more confidence, he is fully vaccinated and chipped.

This what Peter had to say about Max:

Max is a very strong active 5yr old who has basic sit and down commands but coming from being a yard dog does not appear to have had any lead or recall training . However Max is very clever and with the correct handling and training should pick this up reasonabley quickly once away from the highly energised kennel environment.

On walks whilst Max has not lunged and barked at other dogs he does pull towards them at the moment we have not been able to fully dog test him to see if this is friendly interest or not.

Max is not a fussy cuddly dog more of an inquisitive boy who wants to investigate everything he comes across, infact if you try and fuss him around his rear end he will sometimes tell you NO in no uncertain terms by snapping and snarling. He also does not like his tummy touched and again will try and bite if you do this. Because of this it is recommended that a muzzle is worn for visits to the vets or groomers as a precaution

Because of his lack of interest in fusses and people interaction, careful handling until he knows you better is advised to enable confidence to be built up.

Max will try and chase cats when he is on lead so will definitely chase if not on lead and due to his breed will be a no to livestock as well.

Max needs a home that understands the Belgian Malinois breed and how to mentally stimulate him as well as give him the physical exercise he needs.

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