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We were asked if we could help Rosie and Jimbo who are 7 years old we are told. Both are neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. This is their story:

“I have two lovely GSD’s at my kennels that were a welfare case. These poor dogs have been in kennels for 22 months and finally their time has come to be rehomed and get the loving home they both so need and deserve. They came from a home where they were very neglected and sadly was found with 2 other gsds that were deceased! Rosie and Jim were in such terrible condition and unknown if they would actually make it. These siblings were inseparable and relied on each other so much up until about 6/7 months ago when they started to have little squabbles with each other which was most probably due to kennel stress and being in each other’s pockets for so long, the time came when it was in their best interest to separate them which was sad as they had been through so much together. Separating them has made them grow in confidence although they are both sweet sensitive souls that have missed out on so much.

Jimbo was the shyest of the two and would always follow Rosie and he depended on her so much, he would bark and pace worrying if he was left in the kennel without her. Jimbo has grown in confidence since being kennelled on his own and will make friends quite easily with people, if he is unsure of someone or something he will hide behind the handler. Jim is unsure of other dogs and when paralleled walked with another he will always choose to walk on the side of the handler that is furthest away. He will stop and watch other dogs nearby or in the distance and gives a little tail wag looking eager to meet and would benefit from a walking buddy and continued dog socialisation but think he will shine with a calm female that can bring him out of his shell. Walks well on a lead and harness and is responsive to handler. Loves attention and fuss and will lean in for cuddles. No issues round food or treats, can be a picky eater at times and has been hand fed at kennels to encourage eating until he builds up his appetite. No issues round toys and doesn’t show much interest but in a home environment and encouragement this may well change. “

Whilst originally it was felt Rosie and Jimbo should be separated, having arrived with us they are much happier being together again so would not want to break their special bond and the lady from the previous kennels agrees.

They will need a home where it is fairly traffic free, no other pets or young children and somewhere they will get the time and space to blossom into the dogs they truly are and can actually enjoy living life. Are you their special home?

Rosie and Jimbo are staying with their foster home long term.


Oxfordshire - IN FOSTER
DOB 2014
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