Sadie has been in her adopted home for the last 7 month but they do not feel she is accepting other dogs as they need her to so sadly she is looking for another home.

This is what her present home had to say about her:
Beautiful Girl Chipped, Spayed and fully vaccinated.

Had a difficult start as was tied up outside for 11 months.

She is very intelligent and loving. Loves chasing the ball and chew toys.

Excellent with adults but will mouth (this behaviour is nearly cured now).

Is reactive to traffic but again is getting better, has not been cat tested, older children only.

She knows a few commands, sits fine (especially if you have a ball), recall is not good but she will learn. Does stay again with the ball as an incentive.

Would suit somebody requiring one dog as she does go for the hind quarters of new dogs she meets.

Would take to any training very well, she learns very quickly and has plenty of speed and stamina.

Can pull strongly especially if she knows she is going for a play session. We use a Gencon lead and she walks perfectly on this.

All the info below is from our volunteer who did her original assessment.

Sadie is available for adoption through GSRE – this is what her current owner says about her.

Sadie is a 9-month-old female, black and tan German Shepherd (possibly cross Mali?) with short-length coat. She is not neutered (last season in Dec 22) but is micro-chipped and vaccinated. She has no known food allergies and no disclosed medical issues. She currently eats pasta and tinned food, sometimes kibble. She has lived with her current owner since she was bought as a puppy at 8 weeks old from a private breeder.

Sadie is being rehomed due to her current owners work commitments, health and feeling unable to cope.

Sadie is described as being good with children but will sometimes jump up a little and gently mouth when super-excited, so older dog savvy children might be best?

She is good with other dogs and likes to play with them when taken out for a walk or at the dog park. She also likes to play ball when out on a walk and, of course, have a good sniff. She has been to dog training classes, again no issues with other dogs, and was keen to learn and made good progress. She has never lived with another dog. She has not shown any interest in cats (unknown what interaction she has had with any) and her reaction to livestock is unknown.

Sadie has never shown any aggression or bitten anybody but will sometimes jump up at visitors to the home through excitement as she loves to meet people. She travels well in a car and is housetrained. She pulls when walked on a lead, especially when first setting out but will slow down during the return journey. Her recall is improving and she knows some basic commands (unknown which).

She does not show any possessive tendencies over food or toys and is described as being fine during visits to the vets.

Sadie lives outside and is currently chained up on the small patio area as she has made a previous attempt to escape the garden. A bench in her vicinity shows some unsurprising signs of chewing and she will jump up at the back window as she really wants to be let indoors.
In the evening her owner lets her in the house where she will cuddle up with them on the sofa before being put in a crate in the garage overnight.

During the time the GSRE assessor spent with Sadie, this is what they said about her.

Sadie was very pleased to see the assessor doing a lot of bum wriggling before jumping up a couple of times. The assessor sat on the bench near Sadie and she jumped on their knee licking their face. She did mouth a couple of times but this was very gentle. She is a big girl, a tad over weight perhaps who is a typical youngster who needs to continue her training.

She is very loving and is craving human attention. She needs someone who can give her the time and training she needs. A home where she can live inside which, the assessor believes, she would prefer as she is so keen to get indoors. A lovely young girl with no major issues to contend with.

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