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Bruce never made it to the website as the lovely couple that assessed him, realised he needed out and could not bear to see him go into kennels, so they took him into their home and cared and loved him for just under a year. This is what foster mum posted about him having had him a month:

“A little story about having preconceived ideas about the dog you want…….
Bruce was taken to the vets to be PTS by a person who was the partner of his owner who had died. He was pining and had been neglected. He had 3 guardian angels that day, the son and partner of the previous owner and the nurse at the vets, all of which weren’t about to let that happen. We were contacted to see if GSRE could take him.
Prior to this we had lost Suki at the end of April and had recently contacted Lizzie to see if there was a dog suitable for Defor as she knew what he was like. Preferably a very calm bitch.
The only place for Bruce was in Essex, and not knowing how he would cope with kennels we asked Allison if we could foster to see how they got on. It wasn’t an easy start for Bruce with Defor’s treatment of him, but he never reacted. At the moment they are great buddies, and we hope Bruce will stay that way so we can keep him. Had Defor been younger we would have worked through problems, but Defor deserves a peaceful twilight time.
Had Lizzie phoned and said she had a 7 year old, entire male for us, we would have run a mile. Who would have thought Defor would have accepted him, let alone be good mates.
So I guess the moral of the story is, don’t rule anything out, there’s a rescue we might never consider that could turn out to be perfect.”

Not long after he was adopted by his foster family!

Sadly Bruce has now flown to Rainbow Bridge but could not have had a better end to his life where he went peacefully knowing he was truly loved.

This was poor Bruce when he first arrived and towards the end.

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