In memory of those who have crossed over Rainbow Bridge.


  1. Venus

    Venus is 7 years young and along with her brother Pluto  is in urgent need of a new home as her owners emigrated at the end of the June and she is staying with friends temporarily.  Both dogs are good with children and other dogs. Unknown with cats. They are friendly, relaxed dogs who gently seek attention with nose shoving and the offer of a paw. Pluto and Venus are both strong on the lead as rarely walked and whilst they both have basic commands, they can be selective on recall if distracted. These happy, laid back dogs and let our volunteer handle them and check them all over. Typically Venus is the more dominant of the pair. Their owner has said that the last time the dogs went into kennels  they did not handle it well and came back very stressed, taking them months to recover so this is not a viable option. Can you please help urgently? Pluto and Venus now in a wonderful new home together! Venus had a wonderful 5 years but has now passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  2. Barney

    Meet Barney, he is 8yrs young, neutered, we are told his booster is due now and we are told he is chipped but no paperwork to hand. Our assessor found Barney to be a friendly lad on her arrival, she was told he is good with children , not good around other dogs and will bark and lunge, no to cats and livestock. Barney suffers with EPI but copes well with the medication he is on, this will be ongoing for the rest of his life.At present owner gets these online costing her approx £40 a month. Barney is looking for a new home due to a marriage break – up, been in his present home since a pup. If you think you could offer Barney a place to live with you then please let us know. His owner sadly informed us that Barney died recently after having bloat.
  3. Flynn

    Well what can we say about this gorgeous lad! Flynn is a 7 year neutered male. He is microchipped and we are told his vaccinations are being brought up to date. Flynn’s dad died and he has been living with his owner’s son in his old home but the son is supposed to be living with his partner in a flat which is not suitable for Flynn. We are told that Flynn was allowed to get away with an awful lot with his dad but is now extremely well behaved and obedient. He does get excited at the beginning of a walk but soon settled on the lead and has recall. Flynn is good with people, other dogs and cats. Greeted our assessor in a very calm and friendly manner and then just wanted her to play with him. A big cuddly teddy bear! The gorgeous Flynn is now in his wonderful new home! Flynn has passed peacefully over Rainbow Bridge.
  4. Jo Jo

    This lovely young lady is Jo Jo who is coming up to 2 years of age. She is a GSD cross Belgian Malinois. Jo Jo is microchipped and vaccinations have been started. A season has not been seen so we must assume she has been spayed. Jo Jo came to us from another rescue who had taken her in from the pound. The warden found her straying and when went to return her home, found issues concerning her welfare so the owner signed her over to the council. We believe Jo Jo was kept in the garden and had little socialisation and was not sure how to interact with other dogs fully. Has been super with people though. No young children as we do not know her history, and unknown with cats. This is what a volunteer had to say about her: “Jo Jo is so beautiful, in amazing condition! LOVES her games, balls mainly. Needs work on returning but with lure of holding another ball she got the hang of it very quick. Clever alert girl. Fine to take toy. Had other dogs going by our run and distracted with her toys. Great for all over handling.  Knows her...
  5. Alfie

    This lovely lad is 9 year Alfie who is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Alfie is fine with visiting grandchildren but can be selective with dogs. Not reactive unless he is provoked though. Will chase cats. He will bark at delivery man but greeted out volunteer with big kisses. He is a big and boisterous, friendly, happy lad. Walks fairly well on the lead but is not often off lead to know recall. Basic commands. Alfie is being rehomed as his owner has had to downsize and the garden is not enough for him to run around in. Unfortunately the owner finds him too strong to walk for long as well. Despite his floppy ears, this big lad is in good condition and just needs a home with some space to play please. Alfie is now in his new home. This lovely lad has passed over Rainbow Bridge after 3 happy years in his home.
  6. Shep

    Little man alert, Shep is only 5 months old, picked up by a lady from a BYB, not vaccinated or chipped. Lovely natured pup, fine around other dogs, needs showing the right direction in life as he has not had a great start . He looks to me as if he could be a blue Shep looking at his eyes, very scared little man who finds everything overwhelming. Now settling in his new home. This gorgeous little man has gone to Rainbow Bridge after just 10 months in his new home. His kidney were failing, probably due to his bad breeding bless him.
  7. Lexi

    Meet Lexi, 8yrs young, sadly still entire, not vaccinated but she is chipped. We are told she is good around all children, fine with dogs and also cats! Our assessor found this lovely girl to be gentle, friendly, she lives happily with a cat and has grown up around children, she has been in the same home since a pup. The owners feels that her health issues are preventing her from looking after Lexi  properly. Could you be the one to take this girl on in her later years and spoil her rotten? Lexi had a wonderful life with her new family but has sadly now passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  8. Leo

    This young man came into us from the pound September last year. His name is Leo and he is a GSD cross. About 1 year old, he is going to be a big lad! Vaccinations started and he is now microchipped and neutered. This lovely young man is very friendly and so far has been ameniable to all around him. The kennels say he is one in a million and has not put a foot wrong since he arrived. Good on the lead and loves training classes. Favourite game is football. Typical youngster that will need continued socialising and training, full of energy and fun! The lovely Leo has found himself a new dad at last! Leo’s dad is heartbroken as Leo sadly ran out into the road and got knocked down by a car. RIP gorgeous boy.    
  9. Spencer

    This handsome man is Spencer. We were asked by a rescue local to the pound in Caerphilly to take him in. He is 11 years young and loves people. This poor lad had been in the pound for a month we are told. He is microchipped but nobody had bothered to check the details, and he came to us with a thick rusty metal chain around his neck and his coat was matted all over! Also he was underweight. Spencer does not need the hassle of young children. Has been fine with other dogs but unknown with cats. This super lad has been through so much and deserves a warm retirement home please where he will have human companionship and love. This gorgeous lad is now in a home in time for Christmas! The handsome Spencer had a wonderful retirement with his dad but has sadly passed over Rainbow Bridge.        
  10. Berry

    Have a look at this gorgeous older lady and form a queue! Another stunning girl in her twilight years finds herself in the pound with a ticking clock on her head to find help. Say hi to Berry, we guess at around 8yrs old, unknown if spayed, not chipped or vaccinated. As with all our poundies we have limited info but up to yet Berry has been a real cuddle monster with everyone she has met, seems ok around the other dogs but may prefer a home all to herself, not known with cats. Berry has said she would like a bed and fireside position before Christmas so if you could all get a wiggle on and help her find it I am sure she would be very grateful! Berry is staying with her foster home. The beautiful Berry has passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  11. Sasha

    Say hello to the lovely Sasha. She is 5yo, spayed, fully vaccinated and  chipped. Sasha was very stressed when she came into kennels and did kennel guard but with the help of our volunteers she has made huge progress, now showing waggy tail on their arrival and starting to really enjoy her walks. She had had very little socialising in her previous home so seeing the big wide world was a bit of a shock to her but she is improving everyday. She can be very wary and will bark at new people so this will need time and working on. Sasha will need time to settle into her new home and will need continuing training and socialising. If you think you could help Sasha start to enjoy a brand new life then please get in touch. Our lovely Sasha has now moved into a foster home, updates to follow. Lucky Sasha has been adopted by her foster mum. Sasha has passed over Rainbow Bridge.  
  12. Roman

    Have a look at this gorgeous boy, his name is Roman and came into us via a pound. He is 2yrs old, neutered, has started his vacs and chipped. This lad has got a fabulous temperament and has been lovely will all people he has met so far, happy to walk alongside other dogs, unknown with cats or livestock. He will need continued training as still very much a young lad but very willing to learn and loves the company of people. If you think Roman fits the bill for your family please get in touch. Roman is now in foster with 2 other dogs and a cat and is settling well. He really is a super lad! Sadly taken from us far too soon x
  13. Candy

    This gorgeous girl is 7 year young Candy who is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Candy is only being rehomed due to a relationship break up as neither person is able to take her with them into new accommodation. Candy is good with older children (unknown with younger), good with other large dogs (does not like small dogs) and good with cats.  She travels well and is used to being left for about 4 hours at a time with no problems but does love company. She can pull on the lead but has recall and basic commands. Candy loves to play! She appears in good condition however does stress when at the vets so is muzzled as a precaution. Do you have a Candy sized hole in your home? Candy is staying with her foster dad lucky girl. Candy has passed over Rainbow Bridge at the great age of 12.
  14. Scooby

    Meet Mr Scooby,  5yrs old, neutered, fully vaccinated and chipped. Scooby for the last 3yrs has been a working prison dog but due to some arthritis in his spine and hips he can no longer cope with the heavy work load of constant walking so has taken early retirement. However since he has been in our care we have seen little evidence of this as Scooby very often does up to 6 miles in two walks over the day with no problem.This is what his foster dad had to say about him. Scooby is a big loveable softie with people of all ages and loves any amount of fuss you will give him, he is a large male dog who does not like to approached at speed by other dogs especially ones he does not know, however with careful introductions he will be fine. Recently he has been mixing off lead with the local walk group and indeed won the prestigious title of ” Star of the walk” award. Scooby has lived all his life in a kennel enviroment until recently when he went into  foster, he has adapted to living in a home like a duck to water! He...
  15. Sheba

    This lovely girl is 11 year spayed Sheba. She is microchipped and vaccinations being bought up to date. Sheba came in as her mum has gone into a hospice and she had nobody to care for her. A lovely friendly girl who is used to being with her mum all the time so craves human company. We are told she is good with children and other dogs but unknown with cats. A super friendly girl to fit into your family! Currently in foster. Sheba is staying with her foster family! This wonderful old lady has passed over the bridge at the grand old age of 14.
  16. Edmund

    Edmund is a GSD cross (teddy bear we think). He is 6 years young. Now neutered. He is microchipped and vaccinations have been started. Edmund had been picked up as a stray twice in as many days. The first time he was removed from railway tracks and returned home. The second time he was picked up by a kind person and handed in. They were unable to contact the owners and they did not make any attempt to claim him! Edmund is a lovely, happy, cuddly lad. No to young children as we do not know his full history, but he has been fine with the other dogs at the kennels. Unknown with cats. How would you like our teddy bear, Edmund, in your home? Edmund has found his forever home. Poor Edmund did not have long enough with his family. A tumour of the spleen and added complications meant the kindest thing was to let him go.  
  17. Ritchie

    May I introduce Ritchie who is 6 years old, neutered, vaccinate and microchipped. Ritchie was with another rescue where he is was not coping with their busy environment. His mum had a stroke so was unable to care for him any longer. Ritchie is good with children (not had much interaction with young children) and did used to ignore other dogs when out on the lead. Being in the kennels he is not reacting to dogs well and will need socialisation from scratch as his mum was not getting him out much before either. Unknown with cats but has chased a neighbours. This lad loves attention and toys, and whilst not nasty about it, not very good at giving them back. He wants you to chase him for them! Will need some lead training and recall needs working on but knows basic commands. Loves water and will jump in any car if the door is open! Ritchie loves people and so needs to be in a home please as he hates a kennel environment. Ritchie is now in his new home. This lovely lad has gone to Rainbow Bridge having spent the last couple years of his life in a...
  18. Bruce

    Here we have Bruce. This lad has spent the whole of his life as an outside yard dog with very little human or dog interaction at all – very sad. He is now neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated. His owner says he is fine with other dogs but admits Bruce has had little walking outside of the yard so he will need time to get used to other dogs again in my opinion, unknown with children and a no to cats. Bruce spends most of his time day and night out in the yard as a guard dog, he is allowed in the garage in the winter. Bruce is now in foster but still sleeps at night in a kennel as he is no good with cats. We have found that when on the lead and out in public he can be a little protective while on the lead and will lunge towards certain people, always men. Although he has not bitten anyone while with us I cannot say for sure he wouldn’t. Sadly his early training was very poor in all respects. Bruce knows no house rules to speak of and I do feel if someone came forward with...
  19. Foxy

    This lovely lass is 7 year spayed Foxy but needs microchipping as is not up to date with her vaccinations. Foxy is good with older children but selective with other dogs and no to cats. She does pull a bit on the lead but has recall and basic commands. A typical shepherd, Foxy will bark when visitors arrive but once she has had a sniff she was waggy tail. She is only being rehomed as her dad has died and it means she is now being left all day alone while mum is at work. Mum also thinks she is more of a man’s dog. In good health although a little overweight our volunteer thinks she will make a super companion for someone and apart from her hate of cats, should easily learn to socialise with other dogs. Can you help Foxy please? Foxy has waited patiently but finally found herself a new home. Foxy has today gone over the bridge with her family at her side.
  20. Rosie

    Say hello to  Rosie as we call her now! This poor old girl was dumped and left to die in the pound, she was emaciated and quite rightly disliked most humans she first met.She weighed in at a mere 17kg??!! Since being with us our volunteers have worked tirelessly with her, carefully introducing her to new things, new people who she is getting better with all the time, dogs on the lead wearing a muzzle and improving everyday. We know that Rosie is still work in progress but surely at around 11yrs old she has earned the right to a warm, cosy and safe retirement – don’t you think? If you are a pet free home and can offer this old girl comfort in the time she has left then please do get in touch. Our Rosie has just enjoyed some well earned pampering at the groomers, take a look at her new portfolio, please consider this girl, she so deserves some love in her old age! Our lovely Rosie was with us to the end at a grand old age of 13, but sadly her body could no longer keep up with her mind. Running free over the bridge...
  21. Tyson

    Say hello to the big daft lad that is our Tyson. He is 4yrs old but you would never think so if you met him! No one has told Tyson that he is no longer a puppy but a very large German Shepherd. Tyson is currently in foster with another shep and a labarador – both girls who he respects and gets on fine with. There are also 2 cats living there but not sure they have met yet. He is a very strong boy so is walked on a dogmatic which helps a lot and he is improving all the time. He is a very friendly and loving dog but still needs reminding of his boundaries and his own strength. This lad is definitely work in progress but he is most definitely worth it. This lovely lad has found his perfect home with his foster mum who cannot bear to let him go!! x Sadly this lad had a very sudden incident and passed away with his mum at home, a big shock to everyone. R.I.P gorgeous boy! xx
  22. Storm

    Storm came into the rescue as an emergency case along with a male called Buster. Their owner literally offloaded the dogs onto somebody who could not keep them but took them in so they were safe. Very little is known about Storm but from her microchip we have been able to establish she is 7. She had her season a month ago, so we now know she can be spayed in August. Storm is quite laid back compared to Buster and currently settling in at the kennels. Has a bald patch on her back which we believe is a flea allergy and for which she is being treated.  Storm has recently gone into foster with two males and a female and gets on great with them all. Her new foster mum says she is an absolute sweetheart and would fit into most families out there. Teenagers only just because we have no history of her with children, cats still unknown. Can you give Storm a home of her own please? Storm has found her forever home. This gorgeous girl found herself a wonderful home, but has sadly now gone to Rainbow Bridge to rejoin her old pal, Buster, our Golden...
  23. Chief

    Chief was boarding with Worcester Animal Rescue but he would really like to find his forever home so we said we would help and he has just arrived at our Bristol kennels.Here is a little bit about this boy: Chief came into WARS are been found wandering the streets on his own. He was in pretty poor condition when when he arrived, heavily matted and a bit smelly. He’s a lovely boy who bonds with his handler very quickly and just absolutely LOVES tennis balls…although he’s not too keen on returning them! We would not rehome Chief with children due to his protective nature, and whilst he will tolerate other dogs out and about, he will need to be the only dog in the home. A no to cats. He is neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped. If you have the experience to help this old boy find his second chance in life please let us know. Chief is staying with his foster home. The lovely Chief is now at Rainbow Bridge after having had a wonderful retirement.
  24. Shadow

    This handsome gent is 11 year Shadow who is neutered and microchipped and has recently had his vaccinations restarted. Shadow was rehomed through the Devon rescue in 2009 and his owner is now leaving the UK so needs to find him another home. He is good with children other dogs and cats but does not like the vet much!! Walks well on the lead, recall a little slow (selective hearing no doubt), and basic commands. Shadow would love a final retirement pad before Christmas please! Shadow has found his retirement pad! This lovely old gentleman has gone to Rainbow Bridge after a wonderful retirement.
  25. Bruce

    May I introduce the rather handsome Bruce. This lad came into us as a stray. He was in a very poor condition but has taken to a raw diet and is piling on the pounds again slowly. We believe Bruce is about 7 years old. He is now neutered having gained a bit more weight. Vaccinations have been started and of course he is microchipped. We would not rehome with young children as we do not have any history on him, but Bruce is currently in foster with numerous other sheps and is no problem. Unknown with cats.  Bruce needs building up slowly as he has little muscle on his back end either meaning he can be a little wobbly at times, but this is improving day by day. Bruce loves companionship and would like a home where people are around most of the time please. This lad just needs that second chance in life he so deserves! Bruce is now settling in his new home. This lovely lad did not have long enough in his super retirement home, but he is at Rainbow Bridge now running free.
  26. Ozzy

    Meet Ozzy, he is 8yrs old, sadly not neutered, we are told he is vaccinated but did not see his card, he is chipped. The owner tells us he is ok around older children, needs more socialising around dogs as he will react when he sees one, no to cats and unknown with livestock. Happy to greet our assessor when he arrived and brought him a teddy, no issues when left in the home, will initially pull on his lead but will listen to commands, good with basic training commands. Ozzy does suffer with EPI but this is controlled with meds from the vet and he has had mild ear irritations but soon cleared up with cleaning. Our assessor found Ozzy to be a big softie who doesn’t want small children bugging him and invading his space – I can’t blame him either! Could you offer this lovely lad a second chance? His owners made the decision to have Ozzy PTS due to his lack of socialisation with children and other dogs.
  27. Onyx

    Onyx came to us from a pound in London. He had been left tied to a lamp post and was in a bad way being underweight and having a skin problem on his back. We believe he was about 2 years old.He is not a pure Shepherd. Onyx was entire but now neutered. He is now microchipped and vaccinated, and his skin has cleared up and his coat grown back nicely. Onyx was very nervous when he first came in but did learn to trust the staff at the kennels and got a twinkle back in his eyes. He does have an issue if grabbed by the collar, he will turn and snap, probably because of being tied up, but this has been worked with. He also has a stubborn side once settled in a home, and when told off, he will stand up to you and snap back. This has been worked on by a foster home but he was continually trying to escape. He is now back in his original foster home where he is mixing well with all the other dogs again, pushes his luck but knows better, but will still try it on with someone new....
  28. Foxy

    The lovely Foxy is 8 years, spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. Foxy came into another rescue with Charlie due to their owner’s ill health. Foxy is a lovely calm girl and is good with children and other dogs. She walks nicely on a lead but does need to lose some weight and build up some muscle. We are told Foxy has epilepsy but has not had a seizure for a very long time and is not on any medication. A low fat diet seems to have helped with this. This gorgeous lady will fit in just about anywhere. Can you help? The gorgeous Foxy is now in her forever home! Foxy has gone to Rainbow Bridge peacefully, after old age caught up with her.
  29. Vadar

    This handsome young man is Vadar who is just 10 months old. Still entire but is vaccinated and microchipped. Vadar has been with his owners since a pup, and has lacked socialisation. He will need a very experienced GSD home to get him on track as he is scared of everything with comes across as nervous aggression. He will need a child free home, and whilst he is not good with other dogs at present, may benefit from an older role model that can keep him in his place. No cats. His current owners have long term health issues so are unable to walk him which of course is making the problem worse as he also has a lot of pent up energy. Vadar needs a very special home to help him please and as soon as possible. This poor lad has gone to Rainbow Bridge. Vadar suddenly just collapsed and died. He was found to have a congenital heart defect and had suffered a massive heart attack. The vet said he woulds not have suffered. Run free young man.
  30. Lassie

    Have a look at this gorgeous girl, her name is Lassie, she is 2.5yrs old, fully vaccinated, chipped and spayed. She has been lifted out of a home where they could no longer care for her properly or give her what she needs. Lassie has a fantastic temperament, wants to please and learn new things. Lassie was rehomed but sadly it has not worked out for her so is now looking again for a new home. She needs someone who can help her build her confidence and show her that she does not need to try to be in charge in the home and just enjoy being a dog. Please consider this lovely girl for your family.
  31. Poppy

    Another little pocket rocket has landed at our Chesterfield kennels in the shape of Poppy, this little girl does everything at 200mph so be warned you will need to be fit to match this girly! She is 5yo, spayed, fully vaccinated and chipped. In her previous home she did live with dogs, older children and apparently a cat but we have not seen her around them yet so will update when we have! She likes to play with anything she can pick up really, good to walk on the lead, needs further training , can be a little wary on first meeting but soon comes round and then is a lovely girl. We have tried her with other dogs and afraid to say she will have to be an only dog as she does take against dogs if she chooses to and will bite them, I would say no to cats and older children only. We were told she was GSD x Collie, but I think something else crept in there too! Can you offer this little lass her second chance?
  32. Sam

    Say hello to Sam. He is 7yrs young, not neutered, vaccinated or chipped. Sam is said to be fine with older children, ok with dogs as he lives with a staffy at present and fine with cats. He pulls at first when out walking but does settle, knows basic commands. Sam is blind in his left eye and has been since a pup, this does not stop him from doing anything or impede him in any way. Our assessor found him to be a friendly boy needing to find a new home. Sam has now been adopted by his new sister Lottie. A very sad day today, Sam has gained his wings after battling CDRM for sometime, fly free gorgeous boy, you were so loved! x  
  33. Sasha

    What a beauty we have here, please say hello to Sasha. Sasha is between 2 and 3yrs, not yet spayed, needs to start her vacs again but she is chipped. Sasha came into rescue after suffering some abuse in her previous home so understandably she is quite nervous of new people and situations so will need her new owner to be calm and patient with her so she can learn to trust. So far she has been fine walking out with the other dogs on lead and her confidence is building slowly We have not seen her with children so teenagers only and no to cats. Can you help this beautiful girl learn to trust and start to enjoy life again? The beautiful Sasha had found love and life but has been taken to Rainbow Bridge far too young having suffered with a tumour.
  34. Bruno

    This handsome GSD lad is Bruno with his mate Jack (the Jack Russell).  Bruno is approx 4 years old, Jack is approx 5 years old and they were both entire when they came to us.  Bruno was supposed to have been a guard dog but was left chained to a small kennel with no bedding or regular food and was then just left.  Jack stayed with him even though he was loose.  These lads are safely in foster with 3 other dogs now. Bruno and Jack are going to be re-homed seperately as having settled into foster they are squabbling like naughty brothers at times. Bruno is altogether a lovely calm and gentle shepherd who loves affection and understands basic commands.    When he first came into foster his spirit was low and all he wanted was comfort and closeness (see photos inside).  In the last few weeks he has been getting used to home comforts and exercise and is now a much more relaxed and confident boy (see photos outside). Out on walks his recall is good and he stays close when off lead.   He is good with other dogs and people/children and doesn’t have any aggression in him, just...
  35. Dakota

    Dakota is just 14 months old and not spayed as her owner has not yet seen her have a season. She is a GSD cross rottie. She is vaccinated and currently on a raw diet. Dakota is good with children and whilst she has lived with young children would probably be better off with older children as she will get fed up of being pestered. She is also good with other dogs but unknown with cats. She does not like being left alone for more than a couple of hours and will chew. This poor girl was hit by a car when she was 8 months old and since has been nervous of strangers since. She responded to treats with our volunteer and eventually came around though. She is used to walking on a halti but does pull. Dakota has basic commands but her training will need to be worked on. This lovely girl is only been rehomed as her owner does not feel she has the time to give her and the children and in the right hands she will make someone a fantastic dog. A typical hyper youngster who just needs to fully regain her confidence with the...
  36. Zac

    Feast your eyes on this lovely older lad, his name is Zac and he is 9yrs young, sadly still entire, not known if he is vaccinated or not but he is chipped. We are told he is fine around the children he has met so older ones will be fine, will bark and pull towards dogs when he sees them, a no to cats and unknown with livestock. Poor Zac is looking for a new home due to owners ill health and maybe relocating. Our assessor found Zac to be a smashing boy when he met him, he was given a lovely welcome with waggy tail and was also offered a toy, we are told Zac will guard his toys but is fine with his food. Zac is a little wobbly on his hind legs due to arthritis and is carrying some extra weight which won’t be helping. He is not getting the short walks he needs to keep him mobile and fit. Can you offer this older boy a home for life? His owner decided that his legs had become too bad to re home him and had him PTS.
  37. Brodin

    Meet Mr Brodin. He is 5yo, neutered, started his vaccinations again and is chipped. Brodin has also had a sheltered life so far and has not seen much of life so all he is seeing now is new to him and will need this continuation when he goes to his new home. He has been fine with all dogs he has met and is a friendly lad, older children only and unknown with cats. Can you offer this lovely lad a new start in life? Sadly Brodin has gone to Rainbow Bridge.    
  38. Ernie

    May we introduce the handsome Ernie. Ernie has been taken into foster where he appears to be settling in very well. We believe Ernie is about 7 years young and he is currently entire. Unknown with children and cats but seems fine with other dogs in the kennels. The assessor who met Ernie said he seems a good kind. Friendly but not fussy, Ernie loves to play and is quite vocal in a singing way. No apparent health problems and good muscle structure suggests he is used to regular exercise. Ernie’s foster mum has decided he is not going anywhere! Lucky boy! Sadly the handsome Ernie having spent a few wonderful years with his family, has gone to Rainbow Bridge.    
  39. Shan

    Look at this gorgeous girl looking for a new home, 8 yrs young, now spayed, vaccinations restarted and now chipped. This lovely old lady was spending a lot of her day outside and only going in at night which was no way for an older lady to live out her retirement!! Shan is now safely in foster and has fitted in with the family and other dogs with no problem at all. We were told she can be selective with other dogs but in fact would just rather not live with lively youngsters that want to play all the time. Can anyone please offer this lovely lady a forever home ? The gorgeous Shan is very happy in her new home. Shan fought through pyometra before adoption and spent her last few months fighting hard against cancer. This very special lady has now crossed over Rainbow Bridge to run free.
  40. Ruby

    Meet Ruby, only a baby at 6 months, not yet had a season, we are told fully vaccinated and chipped. She has been fine with the children she has met so far, lives with another dog and is fine after correct intros, she does live with cats and a kitten who she likes but will chase the adult cats if they run. Ruby does have some anxiety issues which will need to be considered and worked with by any new owner. Ruby has been a little destructive in the home when left. While out walking Ruby did pull initially and did bark at passing cars which again will need further work, she is still such a baby that all issues should be easily dealt with with time and training. If you offer Ruby the second chance she deserves please get in touch. Sadly Ruby was PTS by her owners. RIP little one. x
  41. Minoas

    In July 2011, the previous rescue I worked with were asked to take in a lad called Minoas from a rescue centre in Greece. His history from what I understood was that he was found badly injured and needed surgery to his back. We were told Minoas was about 6 and being a shepherd cross, they were having difficulty finding anywhere for him to go as he was a big dog and came across as being aggressive. They asked if they paid to get him over could we please find somewhere for him to go to give him a chance as deep down they thought he could be a lovely lad. They also realised they did not have the experience to work with him in the long term and rescue conditions were so precious; Minoas was lucky to have a space where he was chained to a tree in the rescue (and we think we have problems here!). The lovely people at the rescue were determined to do the very best they could for him though. We had an update in October to tell us he had been castrated a couple of weeks earlier which turned out to be quite...
  42. Gerry

    Say hello to Gerry, still a youngster at only 16 month, neutered, fully vaccinated and chipped. Sadly it would seem that Gerry has decided that he needs to protect Paul especially in the home and this is quite rightly becoming a problem. Throughout the assessment Gerry sat at Paul’s feet on his lead wearing a muzzle and gave low growls to the volunteer if she moved in a way he felt uncomfortable with, a very unhealthy place for Gerry to be and a change is very much needed. Gerry has apparently been away on a 3 week training course away from his dad and does spend time in kennels where he is fine with all the people that handle him . He will need a confident experienced GSD owner who can show this boy that his job is to be the family dog and not the protector, show him it is ok to relax around people in and out of the home. A home without young children is needed, he will need further training and socialising with other dogs and a no to cats. He is spending too long on his own and this is not helping with his issues....
  43. Cody

    Cody is a 9 year neutered male and has been through quite a lot in the last few years. Poor Cody has been very misunderstood. His original owners said he was not good with very young children or other dogs and reacted badly to them both on occasion when restraining him or touching him unexpectedly. Our volunteer found Cody to be very excitable and nervous, and believed the main factor was the lack of exercise he was getting due to his owner’s ill health. Cody had only ever been walked on lead and had never been properly trained or socialised. Cody came into rescue in July 2011. In his first foster home there were no problems and he was fine with foster mum’s two dogs, one being an older GSD bitch and the other being a smaller cross breed male. Cody enjoyed going round to the stables and running free in the fields. A couple of weeks later a family came forward with teenage sons who were interested in adopting him. They were made fully aware of Cody’s issues but decided within a few days to let their neighbours visit along with their young children who were playing tennis on...
  44. Tilly

    Tilly came to us as a stray from a pound so very little is known about her past We think she is about 5. Spayed, now vaccinated and microchipped. Tilly is not great with other dogs. Older children only as we do not know her history and cats unknown. This lovely lass is a people’s dog and is very friendly and loving. Does jump up to greet people so needs to be told what to do, needs some lead work, not bad recall, knows basic commands. Tilly has now gone into foster, had a much needed visit to the scaredresser, she will now get some socialisation and we will update when she has settled in. Tilly really would like a home to call her own please. Tilly is staying with her foster family. Sadly Tilly has headed for Rainbow Bridge.
  45. Kaiser

    This handsome lad is 4 year neutered Kaiser. He is fully vaccinated and microchipped. Kaiser came to us from another rescue where he was not doing well in kennels. Since arriving in his foster home he has been a joy to have around. He loves everybody and has got on with every dog he has met so far. We do not have anything on his history but from what we have seen he would suit most homes. Unknown with children and cats so no young children. Can you give this happy lad a home please? Kaiser is now settling in with his new sister. The lovely Kaiser has crossed Rainbow Bridge having suffered with a tumour of the spleen.
  46. Prince

    Soldier and Prince both came to us from another rescue where they were not coping with the busy environment. They are brothers and are both 8 years old. Both neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. The boys have been in the same home together since they were pups and were used as a deterrent on the owner’s business premises. However both lads are extremely sociable with people and love a fuss and a play. Not had direct interaction with children but were used to hearing them around at the local school. Would probably be best to have a child free home. The dogs were socialised with other dogs when younger but have had little socialisation of late due to a reduction in their walks but have been fine with dogs they have met. Can you help give Prince a home please? Prince is staying with his foster home. The handsome Prince has gone to meet his brother Soldier again over Rainbow Bridge.
  47. Crystal

    This gorgeous  girl is 7 year Crystal who is microchipped and vaccinated. Had a litter in March so waiting for season history to spay. Crystal came into the rescue along with 5 other dogs and 3 of her pups who were 6 weeks old, having been voluntarily surrendered to the council by a breeder who was described as a puppy farmer. The dogs had been found living in sheds and were being neglected in the sense that the owners did not even go up there once a day on many an occasion. Crystal has had litters before, just unknown how many. All dogs have super temperaments and just need some lead training and boundaries put in place. Currently in foster with other dogs and children. Can you give Crystal  the home she deserves please? Crystal has bagged her forever home with her foster family. The gorgeous Crystal has sadly gone to Rainbow Bridge having suffered from an aggressive mammary tumour.
  48. Junior

    Meet Junior. He is approx 2yrs old, neutered, fully vaccinated and chipped. He first came into rescue at 6 months old and eventually adopted only to now find himself searching yet again for a new forever home due to a marriage break up and house move. He has been living with young children, other dogs and a cat. He has ok re call but will pull on the lead so a dogmatic would be useful. Can you help this lad find his forever home? Junior has his new home! This gorgeous young man has gone to Rainbow Bridge not quite 5 years old. They believe he had a tumour inside his kidney.Sleep tight little man X  
  49. Max

    What about this handsome fellow? Max is 8 years, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. His previous owner rescued him off the streets when he was about 1 where people were beating him in the street! Understandably Max will react at raised hands. Max was with another rescue but was very stressed at all the noise and bustle and has been fine when meeting new people, he is alert and will choose to back off until he is sure. His owner had to give me up due to ill health. Did use to live happily with another shep but has not been socialised with other dogs for a while. Unknown with children so would not rehome him with young children. He is not much bothered about toys but does love a fuss especially from Michael at the kennels but I know he would love a dad of his own! Can you give Max a quiet and calm home please? Max is staying with his foster dad! This beautiful lad decided it was time to cross Rainbow Bridge.Greatly loved and sorely missed by his Dad,  
  50. Scooby

    Meet Scooby. This lovely lad ‘s mum is really not very well and can no longer care for him in the way she knows he needs so has asked for our help. He is 7yrs young, neutered, his vacs have run out so will need to be started again, and he is chipped. He has been used to children from toddlers upwards, fine with other dogs, unknown with cats. A really friendly lad who enjoys going out in the car, can be left with no chewing, welcomes visitors, Not really getting the exercise he needs due to his mum being ill but does enjoy going out, gets very excited, he has good recall, and knows all his basic commands. Scooby does have an on going eye condition, he has regular drops from the vets which seem to keep it at bay. A super boy who would love to slot into someones family to start enjoying all the good things in life again, can you help this lad? Scooby found himself a wonderful new home where he was loved and cared for until the day he had to leave for Rainbow Bridge.
  51. Jessie

    Say hello to Jessie, we took her in from the pound so have no season history for her, she is now fully vaccinated and chipped. Poor Jess at some time it looks like she may well have broken her front leg and it was never given the medical attention it needed and it has mended by itself hence it is crooked and she does walk with a limp and will no doubt suffer with early arthritis because of it. It does not bother her at all but is noticeable. Jessie is currently in foster with small dogs, larger ones and wait for it 6 cats! She can be a bit bossy with more timid dogs but fine with confident ones, great with the cats, loves people, older children will be fine too. If you could offer this lovely girl her forever home that would really make her day. Jessie has found her forever home. Jessie has sadly gone to Rainbow Bridge.
  52. Musasshi

    This lovely lad is 7 year neutered Musasshi.  He is microchipped and his vaccinations being bought up to date. His current owner rescued him from a neglect situation and is now having to rehome Musasshi urgently as he has to leave him for long hours whilst at work and his landlord is not happy with this and has threatened eviction unless the dog goes as he now seems to be suffering with separation anxiety. This lad is a gentle giant and is good with children and other dogs if introduced on lead before being let off to play. Unknown with cats but does appear to want to chase them! Very friendly and loves a fuss. His only issue is his possessiveness over food. He is fine to give food to and to take the bowl when empty but he would not let you take his bowl whilst he was eating (but then why would you want to?). For this reason we would not rehome him with young children. Mussashi will pull at the start of a walk but will settle once he has had a run around and has good recall and basic commands. His only other quirk is he...
  53. Fiena

    May I introduce the rather stunning Fiena who is 8 years young. She is not spayed and her vaccinations are out of date but we are told she is microchipped. This lovely girl is good with children and we are told other dogs except for small dogs, however she has not mixed with other dogs for quite a while apart from next door’s. Unknown with cats but probably a no. Fiena has been in the same home since a pup. She is good on a halti and has basic commands. Recall not great if she is distracted and this lass does have a high prey drive, No issues with food or toys. Fiena’s owner spends a lot of time working abroad and a lot of time on her own outside during the day so really would like a home to hang her bag on please where she can just enjoy some company and love. Fiena has herself a new dad all to herself. Fiena had over 2 years with her new dad who adored her, but her time came to cross Rainbow Bridge.  
  54. Bruce

    Bruce never made it to the website as the lovely couple that assessed him, realised he needed out and could not bear to see him go into kennels, so they took him into their home and cared and loved him for just under a year. This is what foster mum posted about him having had him a month: “A little story about having preconceived ideas about the dog you want……. Bruce was taken to the vets to be PTS by a person who was the partner of his owner who had died. He was pining and had been neglected. He had 3 guardian angels that day, the son and partner of the previous owner and the nurse at the vets, all of which weren’t about to let that happen. We were contacted to see if GSRE could take him. Prior to this we had lost Suki at the end of April and had recently contacted Lizzie to see if there was a dog suitable for Defor as she knew what he was like. Preferably a very calm bitch. The only place for Bruce was in Essex, and not knowing how he would cope with kennels we asked Allison if we could...
  55. Archie

    PLEASE READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH TO SEE HOW THIS LAD HAS CHANGED! Meet Archie. Archie is an ex Military working dog, who was re homed with a young family when retired, where he struggled with the children,  so we took him into our care. He is 10 years young, neutered, fully vaccinated and chipped. Archie went to an experienced couple who have had an ex Military dog in the past but he really struggled to accept mum as part of his life. Here is what they say: “We have looked after Archie since 19th December 2014. He is an ex- MOD dog who has spent a long period of time on Gibraltar. We were told he had been male orientated so right from the start Kim (female) did all the feeding. When Archie first moved in he seemed underweight and very nervous. After three days and trying about 6 varieties of dog food which he refused we took him to the vets. The vet agreed he could do with putting on some weight and gave him some expensive tinned vet food which Archie gulped down to show he was hungry. We left with our expensive food and an Adaptil...
  56. Buddy

    Buddy came into rescue after a relationship split in 2010. He then found himself a new home but after a short while, his new mum became ill and was unable to walk him. He was not great with other dogs despite having lived with one in his original home, but did love people. Buddy found his foster home in Cornwall in December 2011 and he liked it so much that his foster parents adopted him despite his issues, and he stayed there for a little over five years and had the time of his life. Sadly Buddy passed away suddenly at the end of March at the grand old age of 12 years and three months due to heart failure.
  57. China

    What a lady we have here for you to meet, she is absolutely gorgeous and her name is China. This poor old girl is 10 yrs young and found herself in the dog pound on the PTS list even though she was chipped her owner openly admitted he didn’t want her back! She is a diamond of a dog considering her life of living on an allotment alone for so many years, producing litter after litter, she has a few battle scars on her legs from the chain I presume and is very submissive of people. China does have some arthritis which is to be expected after her past life but meds are keeping her comfy as and when she needs them. China is now in foster with 4 other Sheps, 2 terrier X, 3 cats, 2 horses, 2 ponies and an array of chucks to which she fits in beautifully with them all no problems at all! This lady is looking for a 6* home only please and it will be vetted thoroughly as from here on in its caviar all the way darling…..because you’re worth it!! China is staying with her foster home! China was such a lucky...
  58. Shay

    Shay has come across to us from Devon GSD Rescue. He is nearly 9 years young, now neutered and his vaccinations are up to date and he’s microchipped. Shay originally lived with an older man who had a heart problem and felt he could no longer cope with him. He did go to a home with another lady, but she found him very strong and she said he had a dislike of small dogs. A super friendly lad with people, Shay is just a typical GSD male who needs an owner who he respects and does not feel he needs to protect. Can you give Shay the retirement home he deserves please? The handsome Shay has gone to Rainbow Bridge after a very short and sudden passing. The vet thinks he had a mass on his spleen which ruptured. The brave lad never showed any signs until the end.  
  59. Elsa

    This lovely old lady is Elsa who is 12 years old. Unspayed but she is microchipped. Not much known about her as her owner died and the family did not want to know, so she was being looked after by a neighbour. We would not rehome her with young children but she has been fine with other dogs whilst in foster. Unknown with cats. Elsa is a lovely friendly girl, little weak on her back end as you would expect for a GSD of her age, who is just looking for a retirement home please! Elsa has had a wonderful time in foster but sadly has gone to Rainbow Bridge after suffering a couple of strokes.
  60. Taz

    Have a look at this lovely lad, another pound boy who has come to stay with us. All info to follow is pure guess work. Taz is around 2yrs old, neutered , fully vacs and chipped. We have found this lad to be ok around the ladies but not so good around other males, this may improve with time . He is a no to cats and we have no knowledge around children so teenagers only. He does pull like a freight train on the lead so we are trying him with a dog matic so hopefully this will help. Taz recently had a very short stay in a home but they asked to return him after less than 48hrs as he was barking at their teenage sons and he jumped up and scratched one of them and they did not feel easy around him?! So maybe we can say to the next family who try with this lad, don’t allow him to bond too quickly with certain members of the family and discount others, he may well try to be a little protective of his home so make sure you tell him from the start this is unacceptable and...

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