In memory of those who have crossed over Rainbow Bridge.


  1. Jack

    This lovely lad is Jack who is 5 years old. He has just been neutered and is microchipped and vaccinated. Jack came to us from another charity who thought he would benefit from being with a breed specific  rescue. Jack previously was fine with children, other dogs and lived with cats. With the previous rescue he was very boisterous with other dogs so was not allowed to mix. Jack is a people’s dog and was only handed in as his owner was working long hours and had recently split from her partner. In a shep experienced home, and with some lead training and socialisation skills with other dogs, he will be a super lad. Please take a moment to watch Jack’s fantastic video! Jack has been adopte. Jack, renamed Finn, passed over Rainbow Bridge after a happy and long life with his family by his side.    
  2. Hugo

    This lovely lad is Hugo who is 5 years old. Now neutered. Vaccinations have been started and he is now microchipped. Hugo came in because of the failings of a lady who called herself a rescue. She rehomed this big, strong lad with a frail, older man, consequently he was pulled over. He asked for Hugo to be removed within hours and the lady gave him the number of another rescue who contacted us for help! As we have no history on Hugo we would not rehome him with young children however the kennels describe him, as an absolute twit, soft as putty, cuddly and not the brightest spark. Needs lead training and probably some boundaries in the home. Nothing seems to bother Hugo, has been non plus to the other dogs, even when they sweat at him, he just walks by. A big cuddly teddy bear who in the right home will be a super addition. Hugo has found his forever home. Hugo has sadly passed over Rainbow Bridge due to age ailments.  
  3. Sid

    Sid is 8 years young. He is microchipped but vaccinations are out of date and he is still entire. He has been in his home since a pup and has grown up with young children, however can be quite boisterous even at his age. He barks and pulls towards other dogs but really not had much socialisation so would need to be the only dog in the home. A no to cats. Being rehomed as due to family circumstances he is being left long hours and not getting the time he deserves. This is what our volunteer had to say about him: “Both work full time, and with two small children, they are unable to devote sufficient time to Sid and have reluctantly decided he would be better off with someone who could spend more time with him. At the moment Sid is being left for long periods (up to 8 hours a day) and although getting some exercise, by the owner’s admission it’s insufficient. He doesn’t chew or bark when left. He is a large handsome dog (at a guess some 40/45Kgs), a little overweight, but not hugely. He has a long black and sable coat, and is entire....
  4. Nanuk

    Nanuk and Mecho are brothers. They are 3 years old and now neutered. Vaccinations have been brought up to date and both boys are microchipped. We do not have any history on them apart from they were living at a stables yard in a kennel. Both dogs are good with everyone and other dogs. They both have super temperaments but can be quite strong on the lead to start. This is what a volunteer said about them: “Both male, very affectionate, friendly and loving. Easily allowed, thoroughly enjoyed being stroked and fussed to the extent wanting more, eagerly gave mutual affection to handlers. Laid down and rolled over for tummy rubs. Basic commands all present. Must have had training in the past as within two hours, from being initially strong on the lead were easily corrected. After a walk when let off lead in field Mecho had excellent recall, loved being called, happily ran towards me, showed strong eager ability to focus on handlers. Enjoy a treat taken very gently. Showed no issues whatsoever. Amazing dogs.” The boys did find a super home but sudden ill health has meant they have had to come back and start their search again....
  5. Chase

    This lovely lad is Chase who is a GSD cross. He is a big boy and is 6 years old. He is microchipped, vaccinated and now neutered. Chase came in due to a relationship breakup meaning he was being left long hours while mum went to work. Chase was obviously not happy with this and complaints were being made about the noise and the family were threatened with eviction. We were told Chase was quite nervy but the kennels have seen none of this whatsoever. He has ignored all other dogs of all shapes and sizes, walks nicely on the lead and ignores cars, bikes, joggers etc. He is a very loving boy once he has gotten to know you and you are part of his gang. This may take a couple of visits but it will be well worth the time. No young children as we do not know his full history. A no with cats. Chase did have a spell in a home but became very protective of his adults so will need a super experienced home that understands he obviously has some underlying issues in a home that will need work. Some of it may be due...
  6. Stan

    Cast your eyes over this handsome man, Stan the Man has landed! 7yo, chipped, vacs and neutered. Absolutely amazing temperament, fine with other dogs, great with people, cats unknown. Stan walks well on the lead, knows all his basic commands and has ok recall. This lovely lad will be an amazing addition to anyone’s family, grab him while you can! Stan has been adopted.
  7. Gizmo aka Freddie

    Freddie is at our Notts kennels. This fine fella came to us via the pound and we reckon he’s around 6 years old, he’s fully vaccinated and still entire for now. Freddie is a lovely boy, we have no history on him so he cannot live with children and he will need to be the only pet in the household. Freddie loves to play ball in the paddock and equally loves a nice walk. He’s not reactive to anything while he’s out as he’s more interested in having a good sniff around. Freddie has made friends with everyone and greets us with a smiley face and a wagging tail. He’s got a sensitive tummy so he’s on a grain free diet and he’s got a real liking for natural treats. Freddie will be available once we can legally home check. Gizmo has been adopted. Freddie has passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  8. Bear

    May I introduce Bear who is a GSD cross JRT and quite dinky in size. He is 3 years old and still entire but is microchipped and vaccination booster due now. Bear was taken in as a pup from Travellers and is being rehomed due to owner’s health issues meaning he is not getting walked nearly enough. Bear is good with older children (not had any interaction with younger) but needs work with other dogs as he can be reactive on lead but has not had much socialisation. He does need lead training but we are told he has recall and commands. No issues over food or toys. Bear does have an allergy to chicken we are told. This is what our volunteer had to say about him: “Very sweet lad. Very treat orientated. Knows sit, paw, down, wait, bang to play dead. Is very excited when meeting new people and jumps all over you. Does pull on lead but walks better with a halti. In good condition. Just wants a fuss. Crate trained and not fussed being left. Does have a lot of energy. Was attacked by a dog in the past so needs work.” Can you give this...
  9. Joey

    May I introduce Joey who will be 2 in May. He is a GSD cross Mali. Currently entire but he is vaccinated and microchipped. Joey was taken in by his current owner as he was due to be euthanised. She has worked very hard with him but he needs someone with more time and he is causing problems in the home. His owner has carers coming into the home for her son and he is very noisy and off putting despite being crated when they come in and neighbours have been complaining so he must be moved on to prevent eviction! On first meeting Joey he comes across as being very aggressive and reactive, but he does calm down and once he knows people he is absolutely fine. Our volunteer met him outside of the home and he reacted however after about 10 minutes of walking, he was able to walk with Joey and his mum and was much calmer. No young children for obvious reasons, but Joey is fine with other dogs once introduced correctly. A definite no to cats. This lad just need a home experienced with the breed to continue the work his current owner has put...
  10. Farina

    May I introduce these stunning girls, Saya and Farina. These girls come from the same breeding lines and Saya is 7 and Farina is 5 years of age. Neither are spayed but both are microchipped. Vaccinations out of date sadly. Both good with children and other dogs as long as introduced correctly. This is what the volunteer had to say about them: “These 2 dogs, could be sisters, they are absolutely identical. They are pedigree dogs from Poland, using German Sires. Both have Passports and have been to Poland on holiday several times by car. They are stunning, and have been well trained, but mainly in Polish. I found it very easy to get them to do basic things in English, as they are very treat oriented. They have grown up from Pups, with the young children in the flat, but chase cats. They are well loved and in extremely good condition, but the choice is rehome the dogs, or lose your home, due to a neighbour complaining to the Housing Association. The neighbour has been there for 4 years, but has only started trouble in the last 6 months, which makes me think it’s a personal thing, and the...
  11. Bodie

    May I introduce Bodie who is 5 years old. He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. This is what the kennels have to say about him: “What a cracker this lad is. Extremely friendly with everyone and has been wonderfully socialised. His dad brought him in himself with help from a good friend to ask for help to home his precious boy, absolutely heartbroken, as unfortunately he is in last stage of terminal cancer and he didn’t want his pal to witness it. Bodie is a real dream, beautiful condition, little slim but dealing with that.” Bodie is fine with all dogs he has encountered at the kennels. Unknown with cats. This lad will fit into most homes with little fuss. Bodie has been adopted. Bodie has sadly passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  12. Diesel

    This stunning lad is Diesel who is coming up to 8 years of age. He is microchipped and vaccinated but currently entire. We had a call from Diesel’s elderly owner who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was supposed to be in hospital but refused to leave his dog and had nobody he trusted to take him. Luckily a local volunteer was on hand and took him into emergency foster for the night. Diesel is a lovely friendly lad and we are told good with children. Unknown with cats. He used to be fine with other dogs however got attacked by a Rottie last year and now goes into defence mode just in case. This will need some work building up his confidence again. Diesel will need a home where people are around most of the time as that is what he was used to. This lad deserves a loving home where he can share the love he has in return. Diesel is staying with his foster family. This handsome lad had a wonderful time but has sadly passed over Rainbow Bridge due to internal issues.
  13. Saya

    May I introduce these stunning girls, Saya and Farina. These girls come from the same breeding lines and Saya is 7 and Farina is 5 years of age. Neither are spayed but both are microchipped. Vaccinations out of date sadly. Both good with children and other dogs as long as introduced correctly. This is what the volunteer had to say about them: “These 2 dogs, could be sisters, they are absolutely identical. They are pedigree dogs from Poland, using German Sires. Both have Passports and have been to Poland on holiday several times by car. They are stunning, and have been well trained, but mainly in Polish. I found it very easy to get them to do basic things in English, as they are very treat oriented. They have grown up from Pups, with the young children in the flat, but chase cats. They are well loved and in extremely good condition, but the choice is rehome the dogs, or lose your home, due to a neighbour complaining to the Housing Association. The neighbour has been there for 4 years, but has only started trouble in the last 6 months, which makes me think it’s a personal thing, and the...
  14. Cashew

    Cashew is available for adoption through GSRE – this is what his current owner says about him. Cashew is a 3-year 9-month-old, male, semi length coat, white German Shepherd cross Rottweiler. He is neutered (Feb 23), microchipped, vaccinated and worm/flea treated. He has no known food allergies. He had a lump removed from his armpit when he was a puppy (no further treatment required) but has no other disclosed medical issues. He wears a muzzle when visi1ng the vets. He has lived in his current home since he was around 1-year-old. Cashew is being rehomed through GSRE as his current owner has a baby due and does not have the time to continue his training and address his protective behavioural issues in the home. Cashew’s reaction towards children is unknown as he has not been exposed to them. He is selective towards other dogs but appears to be noisy and not aggressive. He has lived with two dogs before but ended up figh1ng with the male (possibly over the female) before both dogs were neutered. He is good with cats and currently lives with one without issues. Cashew is currently left for up to 6 hours alone, four days a...
  15. Bronx

    Bronx is 6 years old. He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. This lovely lad was taken in as an emergency as sadly his dad committed suicide and with no family Bronx had nowhere to go. Bronx is a happy lad and was obviously loved as he is well rounded and been no trouble at all. He used to live with small dogs a while back but unknown what he would be like now having been the only dog for a while. No reaction shown to other dogs at the kennels. Unknown with small children. Bronx just needs an experienced GSD home please. Bronx has been adopted. Bronx has sadly passed over Rainbow Bridge.  
  16. Kaiser

    Another stunner for you, meet Kaiser, he is 5yrs old, not yet neutered, vaccinations not up to date, and we are told he is chipped. We are told he is fine with older children, , can be selective with other dogs but no aggression just a little boisterous, no to cats and has not met any livestock. He is walked on a halti as can be strong but improves with time, knows all basic commands, no possession issues at all, can get anxious at the vets. Loves his ball and treat orientated, our assessor found this lad to be a delight to be with, he likes to be fussed and allowed her to touch him all over no problem, fine meeting people when out walking. He really isn’t getting the exercise or attention he needs or deserves, his coat is in need of some attention. Can you help this lad? Kaiser has been adopted. Kaiser had 8 wonderful years with his family and has now passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  17. Heidi

    What about this lovely girl? Heidi came to us from the pound. We believe she is about 2 years old. Unknown if spayed but now microchipped and vaccinations being bought up to date. Described by the kennels as a treasure in every way. She returns full on love and has now started to play. She will get excited around other dogs but not in a bad way, she just wants to play. Heidi is learning a lot with the help of treats and has now been in two training classes held at the kennels and is doing great. A super addition to most homes! Heidi has found herself a new home. Beautiful Heidi has now passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  18. Boris aka Bosley

    Have a look as this lovely old bloke, his name now is Boris, we think he is about 10yrs young, found by a member of the public wandering aimlessly around an industrial estate. She did ask around to see if he did indeed belong to anyone as he was not chipped, when no one claimed him she took him home with her but sadly her own dog did not take to him and she had no choice but to surrender him to the pound. She did wonder if he had been a guard dog as he was in such poor and dirty condition, although he did not show any signs of guarding in the home but did bark at passers by and dogs whilst out walking. He is not vaccinated as far as we know, he is apparently chipped, still entire. We do not know a lot about him as yet but he seems to ignore dogs while in the stray kennels, no idea about cats, children or livestock. This lovely older guy really does deserve some home comforts in his life and we aim to find him some!! If you can offer him the world please complete the adoption...
  19. Rebel aka Asher

    This handsome young man is Rebel who was picked up as a stray and taken in from the pound.He is no more than 18 months and currently entire. We know nothing of his history but he is now fully vaccinated and microchipped. Currently in kennels, this lad is being fed up as he came in quite underweight. The kennels described him as being as good as gold with a voracious appetite! He has also been good with people and other dogs. Can you give this lad a chance? The lovely Rebel is now with his new family and has gained a brother and sister! Rebel, renamed Asher, had a wonderful long life but has now passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  20. Zeba

    Zeba came into foster under GSRE in 2019 and was adopted by his foster dad. Sadly he is back with the rescue as his dad is very ill and not expected to come home, so looking for a retirement pad please. He is now 8 years old. Lovely lad who prefers to keep himself to himself around other dogs. Would be fine with older children. Definitely a man’s dog so Zeba is looking for a new Dad please. This was his original write up: May I introduce Zeba who is 5 years old. He is neutered and microchipped and we are told vaccinated. This is what the volunteer had to say about him: “Barked when I knocked on the door. Kept in kitchen with another male behind a gate. Bounded up and greeted me. No aggression whatsoever. Lovely, happy dog who looks in great condition. Only lead walked for 10 minutes a day. I spent an hour with his owners. Mum is asthmatic so cannot walk Zeba – even with a halti on. She clearly loves the dog and has owned him since 8 weeks of age. Dad does the walking but no free running.  Zeba is a large GSD...
  21. Heidi

    This young lass is Heidi who came to us from a pound. She was handed in and has come fully vaccinated and microchipped. She is 7 years old. Now spayed. She is a sweetheart and seems to love men! She is eating ok and takes treats gently. Currently in foster with cats. She does go to chase but no aggression, and when told to leave she comes away. As we have no history, older children only. Not yet fully socialised with other dogs but has not been reactive to the ones she has seen. Not bad on the lead and does want to go up to men to say hello. Can you offer Heidi a home please? Lucky Heidi is staying with her foster home. At the grand age of 15 Heidi has now passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  22. Ralphy aka Foxy

    This handsome lad is Foxy who came into us in the New Year from a pound. He is about 4 years old and currently entire. Vaccinations started and microchipped. As we do not have any history on this lad we would not rehome him with young children, however he has been friendly to everyone he has met so far. Does not seem fussed about the other dogs around him. Foxy is a lovely lad who just needs a GSD home who can give him the time he deserves. The lucky Foxy is settling into his new home. Foxy who was renamed Ralphy has passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  23. Zeus

    This handsome lad is our Zeus Zeus came into us as a stray so we have very little info for him and no history. Neutered, chipped and vaccinated. He has been a friendly boy with the kennel staff and the volunteers who have been up to walk him, he has also walked nicely on the lead at the side of another dog. We have wormed and de flead him and yes he did need it!!! Can anybody offer this lad a foster home so we can find out more about him or even better a forever home? I met this lovely and I mean lovely big bouncing baby, we think he is between 12 and 15 month, still acts like a pup and needs reminding of the basics as he does get quite excited. On first meeting someone new he does bark but soon makes friends, finds ladies slightly easier than men but that’s not uncommon at all. He will make somebody a fantastic dog with some time, love and training!! He can get a little jealous around other dogs when in the home so may be better as an only dog. Sadly passed over Rainbow Bridgenow.  
  24. Rebel

    Have a look at this lovely boy, still a baby at 7 month old but he found himself in the wrong home for him and came to us to find him a more suitable abode. Luckily we managed to find a foster home for him as going into kennels would not have been good for him. He has a new foster doggy sister and also a little human one too. This little man has now been adopted by his foster family. Another young lad passed over Rainbow Bridge way too soon.
  25. Lyla

    May I introduce Lyla who will be 2 in October. She is not yet spayed but is microchipped and we are told her vaccinations are up to date. She has been with her family since 14 months of age having taken her on from a friend. Being rehomed as her owners cannot give her the training and socialisation she needs. This is what our volunteer has to say about her: “Lyla is a lovely girl who sadly has not had the early training and socialisation she needed. Her original owner had Lyla and her brother and struggled with his health so their training needs were not met. Lyla relied heavily on her brother and the other dogs in the house for confidence. Sadly the owner passed away and Lyla was moved to her current owners without the other dogs losing her comfort and security. Her lack of training then turned into fear reactivity and the current owners do not know how to handle it. Lyla is walked on a harness, is very strong on the lead and on the look out constantly. Lyla just needs someone who will start again with her, show her the world isn’t a scary place...
  26. Opium

    May I introduce Opium who came in with her brother Owen from another rescue as their owner does not want them anymore! They were born 4.7.18 and are both fully vaccinated and microchipped. Their owner had bought them over from France with 2 others boys and all four were boarding at the same kennels over Christmas. He had homes for 2 and said the other 2 were up for rehoming. The plan was to sell the puppies and return to France due to ill health. They were then sent to the Police for assessment but neither are suitable as working dogs as they are too nice! Opium and Owen have spent most of their lives in kennels but are the most super friendly and loving youngsters. Do still typically mouth so no very young children. Have been fine with all other dogs and met the kennel cat who they backed off from. Probably the first time they have ever seen one. They will both need continued training and socialisation and of course going into homes, may need a little house training and boundaries instilled from the offset. They will in effect be puppies in a more mature body. They do...
  27. Levi

    We took Levi in from another rescue. His owner could not cope with him apparently. He is 5 years old, neutered, microchipped and vaccinations have been started. Obviously not a full GSD. Mum was a GSD and Dad was a GSD cross. This poor lad has not really left the home he was born in so no awareness of the outside world and strangers, so all very new and scary for him. Because of this, no young children. Seems fine with the other dogs at the kennels and has met the cat there and showed no aggression, just had a good sniff. Levi needs a calm and confident home that can show him the world is a fun place to be. In return he is a very sweet and loving lad! Levi has had a break from kennels for assessment and this is what foster dad has to say: “Levi is a great little dog with a big personality.  He is gentle, loyal and very affectionate and the only thing he loves more than people is his grub.  The photos don’t really do him justice. He jumped into the car quite eagerly but, as soon as we moved off started...
  28. Cass

    This gorgeous young girl is Cass who is just a year old. She came to us as a welfare case and went straight into foster. Unknown if spayed, but now microchipped and vaccinations started. Has been super with people and other dogs and just needs a home where she can be a dog and get the care she needs rather than being left with scabs, a matted coat, fleas, underweight, and sickness and diarrhoea! This young lady would fit into most GSD homes with little fuss! Cass has been adopted by her foster home! Cass had a short but wonderful life and is now over Rainbow Bridge.
  29. Lyra

    Lyra is 7 years old and is spayed and microchipped. Vaccinations have been restarted. From what we understand this lovely lass started life in London and was on her third owner when we were asked to take her in. Her last owner has had her a year having got her from a Facebook page! We were told she is GSD cross Malamute, but her microchip says she is a husky!! Lyra is good with older children but we are told she hates other dogs but is good with cats! Saying that she has not reacted to any of the dogs she has encountered at the kennels. She is good on the lead but has no recall. The reason she is being rehomed this time, because of unsuitable housing and pregnancy. The volunteer who assessed her felt in the right home and situation she could be a super addition. We were told she does have possession issues over food and toys but the kennels have seen none of this. Her nail were very long on arrival so doubtful she has been getting the exercise she needs which has probably frustrated her even more. Are you the special home Lyra needs please?...
  30. Bailey

    This poor lad has had a rough start in life until he was rescued by the kind people he is currently with and has been for a few weeks now. Bailey is a 3 year entire mail that was noticed in a crate in the back yard of a convenience store. He was underweight and in filthy conditions. Fortunately the store were happy to give him to his current owners. Bailey is putting on weight nicely and has turned out to be a lovely lad. He is good with children and other dogs. Unknown with cats. He does pull on the lead and has no recall but when off lead does not bother with other dogs. He does know sit  and lie down! This young man gets very excited with people visiting him but considering what he has been through it is hardly surprising! He loves water. Unfortunately he must be found a forever home as his rescuers are not allowed dogs where they are so he is currently in kennels. The kennels describe Bailey as a laid back lad, bomb proof, self confident and loves people. He has now been vaccinated and microchipped and will be neutered soon. I...
  31. Kilo

    Hello, my name is Kilo, I am 3yo, not yet neutered, no vaccinations in date and they say I am chipped but no one could remember my numbers. I have spent some time around children, I like to join in with playtime with them, I live with a very small dog who I like, in fact he steals my chews but I don’t really mind, my family also say I am ok around cats too. The lady who assessed me said I was a really lovely dog, she gave me a fuss and I returned with some kisses. My family have to move and I am not able to go with them so I need to find a new mum and dad, can you help me do this please. Kilo has gone to his new home! The gorgeous Kilo, renamed Hugo, had a wonderful life but has now passed over Rainbow Bridge at the age of 11.
  32. Terra

    We were asked to take Terra in when her mum became very ill and had to go into hospital. Terra is 11 years old and has been neutered and is microchipped, which is now registered! Terra has settled in with her foster mum and the resident cat and has discovered a new lease of life. She is now getting more regular exercise which has helped tone up her muscles, and is a quite a mischievous old lady. Terra had a wonderful retirement and has passed over Rainbow Bridge at the grand age of 14.
  33. Ralphie

    May I introduce Ralphie who is as you see a GSD cross.  He is 3 years old. Now neutered. Vaccinations started and microchipped. Ralphie came to us from the pound so his history is unknown. He is scared of the world bless him and makes a lot of noise when meeting people for the first time but that is all it is. Ralphie will need an understanding home that can help him build his confidence and learn that life is not that scary. Can you help Ralphie please? Ralphie is now settling in his new home. Gorgeous Ralphie has passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  34. Frank

    And another poor soul dumped at Christmas ! Meet Frank. We think he is a young lad of about 12/15 month old, not neutered of course! We will do and start his vacs and chip him. Nothing much is known of Frank as he came as a stray from a pound a few days ago, as soon as we can do a full assessment I will update his profile. Handsome Fran, renamed Silas, has passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  35. Ember aka Amber

    Beautiful Amber was adopted in 2020 but sadly her mum has passed away. She is currently being cared for by friends but will need a new home long term. Amber is now 10 years old. She would be best in a child free home due to her age and she is not great with other dogs. Amber is very friendly with people once she gets to know them but will typically bark at strangers. Used to being left a few hours at a time and travels well. Was being fed raw but will need a grain free diet. Currently on Naturo. Amber is a typical older lady, she will pull or plod on her lead depending on her mood. Tends to go deaf when outside of the home to recall. She also has food aggression but is fine if left to it. She is in great shape for her age and has a super coat. Can you please give this lovely older lady a quiet retirement home? “This lovely girl is Amber who is 8 years old. She is spayed, microchipped and fully vaccinated.  Amber came to us through another rescue and this is what we were told: “I have...
  36. Odin

    This lovely lad is Odin who 9 years young. Taken in by another rescue as a welfare case and we were asked to find him a home. Odin is still entire, but microchipped and vaccinated. He is a super friendly lad and we are told good with other dogs. No young children just because we do not know his full history and unknown with cats This gorgeous lad just needs a home to put down his paws please that will give him the TLC and attention he so deserves! Odin has been adopted. After a wonderful retirement Odin has passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  37. Kelly

    This beautiful girl is Kelly who is about 2 years old. Unspayed but vaccinations are being started and she is microchipped. Kelly came into us through a volunteer who took off a man who purchased her as a guard dog and openly admitted he “beat her” to make her aggressive. The upshot unsurprisingly is that she is nervous and wouldn’t bite a fly. She came in very thin. Absolutely friendly as anything. She is submissive and scared but no malice. She is great with EVERYTHING- not one you find that often. Brilliant recall and training – just a pathetic lump who doesn’t even bark bless her! She’s clean, loves the car etc etc. Will only eat if you sit with her at present and may benefit from having another dog to help her confidence. Not a nasty bone in her. Are you Kelly’s new home? Beautiful Kelly has passed over Rainbow Bridge way too young with stomach issues.
  38. Bella

    This lovely girl is 2 year Bella who is currently unspayed, not vaccinated or microchipped. Bella is good with children and other dogs but does not like cats. A lovely friendly girl who does pull on the lead so will need some lead training, but has recall and basic commands. She loves to play with her ball but happy to give it back to have it thrown. Only being rehomed due to her family moving into a smaller property, she urgently needs a new home. Now in our kennels and settling well. Please can you help Bella? Bella is now in a home of her own! Bella has passed over Rainbow Bridge after a sudden illness.
  39. Taba

    May I introduce Taba who is 4 years old, spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Only being rehomed due to an expanding family and her owners do not feel she is getting the time she deserves. She has been in the same home since a pup. Taba greeted our volunteer with a bark and then a welcome. She lives with 4 children under 10, 2 of whom are babies. Lives with a chihuahua and 2 cats. Travels well as has been to Spain with her family in the car. Quite strong on the lead to start, but probably because she is not getting out as much as she would like. Good basic commands. No possession issues. Does get itchy skin if given chicken but currently fed Eukanaba with no problems. Taba is a laid back, happy and friendly girl with a lovely nature and would fit in just about anywhere! Taba is now settling in her new home. Taba has passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  40. Rusty

    Rusty is 9 years old. He is neutered and vaccinated and of course microchipped. He was being rehomed as the man of the house who purchased him as a pup, had left, and mum was physically unable to walk him meaning he was stuck in the house day in and day out and only gets#ting any exercise in the garden. Mum also works so he is being left long hours alone. We were told Rusty is good with the children but we feel he should not be in a home with young children. He lived with a Chihauahau but has not had much socialisation with other dogs and actually needs very careful introductions over time. A no to cats. He came in needing some lead training and recall work. We were told he was very noisy with people entering the home, however our volunteer did not feel intimidated and probably more excitement at a new person than anything else. Rusty when in the kennels appeared fine around the other dogs. Bonds with his handlers and can become protective so needs an experienced home that has the time and patience to work with this super lad. Rusty had a short stay...
  41. Harry

    This stunning lad is Harry who is nearly 3 years and is neutered and microchipped but not up to date with his vaccinations. Harry currently lives with young children and is very friendly and playful with other dogs. Unknown with cats but his owner believes he would probably chase them. Typical male shep, he is quite protective of his home and his mum, however settled fairly quickly when our volunteer arrived. He is very excitable in the car and has to be muzzled as he has been known to chew through seatbelts. Harry is fine walking on a halti and has a good range of commands and recall. He is fine with his toys but can be a bit possessive over his food so better with older children. He can be slightly nervous of men and does not like direct eye contact with them. This gorgeous lad will excel in a GSD experienced home! Harry is now in his new home. Gorgeous Harry has passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  42. Red and Tilly

    Just look at these two stunners, Red and Tilly. Red is 4yrs old still entire, hence his name you can see his colour matches! He is fully vaccinated and chipped. Red is fine with children and other dogs having also lived with a labarador, unknown with cats. He is fine on the lead but does get very excited at first but soon calms. Tilly is 18 months old and spayed, also fully vaccinated and chipped. She is also good with children and other dogs, unknown with cats. Tilly is good on the lead and knows basic commands. Tilly was born with a hernia which has been no trouble at all. These two beauties would love to find a home together, can you help? This lovely pair are now with their forever home! Beautiful Tilly passed over Rainbow Bridge in 2022 after a mass was discovered in her abdomen. Handsome Red passed over Rainbow Bridge in 2023 due to age related issues.
  43. Joey

    Feast your eyes on this gorgeous lad, his name is Joey. He came to us from a pound after his 7 days were up and no one came for him! He is still only a baby at around 8/10 month old, neutered, chipped and can now tart his vaccinations. Super temperament around all people and dogs he has met so far, he is so friendly! Joey has found his home. Joey, renamed Kovu, has passed Rainbow Bridge way too soon.
  44. Major

    This stunning lad is Major who is 2 years old. Recently neutered, he is microchipped and vaccinated. Major was taken into rescue along with a GSD cross Malamute as his owner’s son was very ill and she could not cope with the dogs as well. In the home we are told he was good with visitors of all ages and was very relaxed and affectionate. Likes soft toys and happy to play on his own or with his owner.  Still needs some lead work and has not had any recall training yet as was never allowed off lead. Has been fine with all dogs he has met and whilst not lived with a cat has never shown an interest in them when out and about. Major has come to us as he was becoming slightly stressed in the busy kennel environment of the other rescue and had started to become a bit growly with some people coming into his kennel and putting on a lead. The sooner this boy is in a home and back on track, the better please. Major is now in his forever home. Major, renamed Marley, has sadly passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  45. Zea

    We had an emergency call from a lady who was suffering domestic violence. Very sad as her husband has medical issues which he was not receiving help for but now is. We were asked to take in her 5 much loved dogs to get them away from the situation. Zea is a 3 year old unspayed bitch. Microchipped and vaccinated. Good with other dogs and people. Unknown with young children and tolerated a cat. Slightly nervous due to the environment she was living in but a lovely girl. Came in slightly underweight but doing great now. Will need lead work but this is being worked on at the kennels along with his general socialisation. Can you give this girl a home please? Currently in foster. Zea is staying with her foster family! Beautiful Zea has passed over Rainbow Bridge.  
  46. Arthur

    Enter…Arthur, poor Arthur thought he had found his forever home after spending 3 month there in foster only to find himself back in kennels after his foster mum who had actually signed the adoption form but never made a donation decided to advertise him on FB as having to find her lovely dog a new home as she was now pregnant! Her wording was the kennels I adopted him from can’t take him back which was a lie as we had given her a date and a space but she wanted him out! Anyway…..Arthur is a lovely lad, 7yrs old, neutered, vacs and chipped. Will walk alongside other dogs but that is it, he would not live with one, a no to cats and teenagers in the home only. When Arthur first came into rescue he was very opinionated and did not like being told no but thanks to all the work put in by our volunteers he soon began to understand what was required of him and so the progress started, so much so he then went into foster. Do you think you could offer this lad his final bed by the fire, if so get in touch. Arthur...
  47. Athena

    Take a look at this beauty, her name is Athena and she joined us a few days ago from the pound. We think she is around 2/3yrs, chipped, needs to restart her vacs and season history unknown. Athena has recently had some skin issues which she is currently taking anti biotics for and it seems to be clearing nicely. This gorgeous girl has an amazing nature and seems to love everyone she has met, has been fine out walking with the other dogs even over amorous ones with no problems at all. Not seen around children but older ones would be fine, unknown with cats. This stunning lass so deserves to find her forever home so if you think this could be you please get in touch, she won’t be around for long. Athena has been adopted. Beautiful Athena, renamed Maggie, passed over Rainbow Bridge way too young due to cancer.
  48. Bindi

    Have a look at this lovely girl, her name is Bindi and she came into rescue after her 7 days in the pound. We have limited to no info on this girl, we estimate she is around 2/3yrs old, unknown if spayed, will have started her vacs and also be chipped. She has only been with us a week but this is what one of our vollies had to say about her: Little Bindi is looking for a quiet life, she’s quite nervous when she meets new people but soon warms to them if they allow her the time. She’s got a lovely nature and is very gentle. Walks well on the lead and enjoys her outings very much. She’s been fine with all the dogs she’s met so far and just gives them a sniff and a wag of her tail. She’s had a flea allergy so her coats a bit sparse on her back end but it’s coming back slowly. Could you offer this little girl her second chance in life? Binda, renamed Shade, passed over Rainbow Bridge way too soon having an inoperable growth. The years she had were full of fun and love.
  49. Jazz

    May I introduce Jazz who is 8 years young, spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. This is what our volunteer had to say about her: “Jazz is a beautiful long haired white female German Shepherd aged 8.  She is looking for a home following a separation where neither party are able to keep her.  She is temporarily staying with her dad’s mother but is being left for long hours and not being walked regularly.  My knock on door was greeted by loud barking which continued as I entered the house and until I sat down when it stopped fairly quickly.  This is the usual greeting for strangers, friends are greeted with a happy and friendly dog.  Jazz immediately showed an interest and after having a good sniff and a treat was very cuddly and welcoming.  She currently lives with 2 very small dogs who she is very friendly with, she plays a lot with the younger bouncier dog and is more gentle and reserved with the older dog.  She loves other dogs and adapts her play style to suit them.  She also lives with a parrot who she quite likes.  There is a cat in the house but he lives upstairs all...
  50. Benson

    Well what can we say about this stunning little man! Benson, as he has been named, was taken in from another rescue where he had been signed over. Why we have no idea as he is the friendliest little chap ever. Another Pocket Rocket in the male form. Yes, Benson is a cross but his time was nearing the end so we could not refuse him a chance. He is about 3 years old and is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. The kennels said he is a super lad with other dogs and people but does not like chicken or cats! Benson was with a home for 3 months but unfortunately needs more time than they can give him. He is extremely high energy and needs lots of exercise and stimulation otherwise he will look at ways of escaping and make his own entertainment. This lad would benefit from some one to one training on the lead and needs work with his recall as he has a tendency to chase anything that runs. Can you help Benson please? Benson is off to start a new life! Benson had a wonderful life but has now passed over Rainbow Bridge.    
  51. Shep and Sheba

    What a pair of beauties we have here, sadly their owner died and no one in the family wanted them so they were taken to kennels by social services and are still there now. Our assessor found both dogs to be very friendly, we were told that they are fine around other dogs but do enjoy each others company and would love to stay together. Ok with children they have met and seem to ignore cats but we have no knowledge of them living with any in the home only on the farm. Shep is still entire and we do not know about Sheba , vaccines and chip unknown. Anyone looking for a bonded pair will not be disappointed with these two. Shep has been rehomed and Sheba is in long term foster.
  52. Alfa

    This super lady is Alfa who 9 years old. She is not up to date with vaccinations and currently unspayed. Season history unknown. Alfa is being rehomed as her owner needs to return to Russia due to ill health in the family. Alfa has been in the same home since a pup. She is good with children, actually very friendly with everyone, has lived with other dogs in the past and a cat. She can be strong on the lead to start but has not been getting much exercise of late and is also slightly overweight at present. We are told she has good recall and basic commands. Alfa currently lives in an outdoor run and kennel but so deserves to be in a home and part of a family as she adores people. She loves the car and gets very excited if she thinks she is going on a trip. Cannot praise this super lady enough. Alfa will stay with her foster home where she is so very well settled and it would be unfair to move her again. Beautiful Alfa had a wonderful retirement with her foster dad but has now passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  53. Marshall

    Meet Marshall. He is 16 months old and is neutered. He is good with other dogs, but not tested with cats. Currently in foster, Marshall had been taken on as a pup by an elderly couple who could not cope with a boisterous youngster. Marshall is a typical bouncy young lad that just needs a home that can continue to give him the boundaries and training he needs. This lovely lad has now gone off to a super new home where we know he will be loved dearly! Gorgeous Marshall has passed over Rainbow Bridge.  
  54. Katy

    Katy is around 3 years of age. Just before Christmas we were contacted by her local Dog Warden. She had been living with a male in squalor. Both were near emaciation and appeared to have just been used for breeding. The RSPCA were involved but before their follow up visit, the owners were evicted from the property and the dogs were just turned loose! Poor Katy was found with a broken toe. Katy had an operation to remove the damaged toe and then came into our care to mend. Microchipped and vaccinated. Not spayed we are told. We would not rehome Katy with children as we have no idea of the extent of abuse she may have received.  She is quite nervous when first meeting people and can show her teeth, but is gaining more trust and confidence with people all the time. Typical bitch, can be dominant with the other dogs and will need careful socialisation. Unknown with cats. Katy so deserves a loving home of her own please where she can get the love and care she has missed out on! Katy is settling into her new home well. Beautiful Katy has passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  55. Hunter

    Stunning dog alert!! Please say hello to Hunter who is 4 years old, fully vaccinated but still entire ( for now). Hunter arrived via the pound and it’s fair to say that he’s one super dog! He’s made friends with everyone at the kennels and he’s a true gent! Hunter knows a few basic commands but he does require some work in the lead dept as he’s a bit of a goon and likes to pull. He’d be ideally suited to an active home as he’s full of beans and he’s a big strong lad. No homes with young children, cats or dogs. Hunter can bond to one person very quickly in the home so this will need to be addressed straight away in a new place to avoid it from happening. If you have a Hunter size space in your home and heart then please get in touch. Sadly Hunter has passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  56. Lucy

    Well what can I say about this young lass! Lucy is obviously not a full GSD and is around a year old. Microchipped and vaccinated but unspayed. Lucy was one of our collections before Christmas from a pound, where she had been picked up as a stray. With no history we would not rehome her with young children, but actually she is more likely to knock them over than anything! Loves playing with other dogs, just does not know when to stop, typical of a pup. Lucy’s legs are growing at different rates at present but we have been told by the vet to just monitor for now. Something she should grow out of. A super friendly, playful girl, Lucy just needs a home with the time to give her the training a pup of her age needs. Can you give Lucy the home she deserves? Lucy is staying with her foster home. Lucy was a very special girl and has now passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  57. Marley

    Have a look at this lovely older boy, his name is Marley and really needs your help. He is 10yrs old, sadly still entire, not vaccinated or chipped. He is fine around children, ok with visiting dogs in the home but can be selective when out walking, a no to cats and other small furries, never encountered livestock. Our volunteer was greeted like an old friend on her arrival, this lovely boy is desperate for some company, he does sleep in the home at night in a crate but spends his days outside in a concrete run due to his owner being out at work all day. He seems in good condition but has not seen a vet since he was a pup. No aggression with toys or food, knows his basic commands, really doesn’t get out on walks often so owner does not feel confident to allow off lead. This stunning boy would love a sofa of his own or happy to share with you and maybe a calm dog…….please help us make this come true for him!! Marley is now in foster and is neutered and microchipped and settling into home life well. Marley will be staying with...
  58. Murphy

    May I introduce Murphy who is believed to be 5 or 6 and is neutered. Murphy has settled well in foster and is a dog that likes to talk. Good with other dogs and people. This lovely lad is now with his forever family. Murphy passed over Rainbow Bridge after a long and happy life.
  59. Bonnie

    Bonnie came into another rescue with her son Teddy but she was at risk as she was not reacting well to other dogs. This may be because she was attacked by a dog in the park. Bonnie is 3 years, now spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. In her previous home she was good with children and visitors. She can be very playful and excitable with people but has always been friendly. Bonnie will need training and re-socialisation and will probably have to be the only dog. Unknown with cats. For an experienced home willing to put in some time with her, Bonnie will make a fantastic addition to your family. Bonnie is now settling into her new home. Beautiful Bonnie had a wonderful life but has now passed over Rainbow Bridge.
  60. Barney aka Bernie

    Bernie first came into the rescue in 2014. He was a lovable rogue and it took us a while to find him the right home. He finally found his spot being a patrol dog for a large company in Cornwall where basically he spent all of his time with a handler and just had to alert to any possible breaks ins and bark! His original write up is below. Now at 11 years of age Bernie has been retired and is back in our care. One of his handlers so wanted to take him home but sadly his resident dog was not having any of it! Bernie has obviously slowed down no and is on Yumove to help his joints, but would love a retirement home where he has the space to bumble about. No young children as he is still a large lump. Would probably live with a bitch with little problem. Are you his special retirement home? “BARNEY IS A SPECIAL NEEDS DOG! Well what can we say about this soppy lad! Barney is a GSD cross Rottie but does not have one ounce of malice in his daft body!  He does not like being left so would...

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