In memory of those who have crossed over Rainbow Bridge.


  1. Buster

    Meet Buster or Mr B as his new foster mummy has called him. Neutered and fully vaccinated. Buster is around 9yrs young, he found himself in a dog pound and even though he is chipped his owner said he had sold him so wasn’t interested in collecting him so he was left to be added to the PTS list…..nice?! He is in foster at the moment with 2 other GSDs and is loving life again. He seems fine with children but as yet unknown with cats. When he first arrived with us he was quite weak behind but thanks to foster mum and co he is enjoying 2  1hr walks a day and loving it, much stronger now with just normal stiffness for his age! He is a very friendly lad and would love to find his retirement home to unpack his case for the last time….could this be you? Buster had a wonderful retirement but is now at Rainbow Bridge.  
  2. Max

    This handsome lad is 6 year old Max who is now neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. Max and his friends have come into kennels after a marriage breakdown as their dad could not cope with all of the animals. Max has lived with children and other dogs however is selective about which dogs he will get along with having been attacked by a dog in the past, the consequence being the amputation of his tail. He also does not like cats. This cuddly bear would make a fantastic companion. Can you give Max a home please? Max is staying with his foster home! The gorgeous Max has sadly left for Rainbow Bridge.  
  3. Shadow

    May I introduce the lovely Shadow. Shadow was signed over to another rescue and arrived with a skin condition which is now cleared up. She is 10 years young and spayed. Currently in foster, Shadow has settled in like a dream and has a lease of life a pup would be envious of. We would not rehomed her with young children as we do not know her history, but believe she would happily fit into most family environments. Shadow is just looking for a retirement home where she can have some fun and peace and quiet when needed. Sadly Shadow left her loving foster family today and went to Rainbow Bridge.  
  4. Rocky

    Rocky is an 8 year neutered male who is vaccinated and microchipped. Good with children and other dogs, but a no to cats. This lovely lad is only being rehomed due to a relationship breaking up meaning his mum is having to move into accommodation where he is not allowed. This is what our volunteer had to say about him: “Rocky is very gentle and quite laid back. Did not bark when I knocked. Greeted me with a lick and a sniff then laid down. Good condition, good teeth and seems very healthy other than he can get a little stiff on his back legs. Does not react to noises but does have quite high chase drive with other animals other than dogs which he is fine with. He lives on a farm and is not used to walking on a lead and will pull and spin. Otherwise a lovely, gentle boy.” Can you give Rocky a new pad please? Poor Rocky was rushed to the vets and is now at Rainbow Bridge.
  5. Samba

    This lovely lady is Samba who is 10 years young. Spayed and microchipped, her vaccinations need bringing up to date. Samba has EPI which she has had since the age of 2. It has been managed with Panzym powder well but unfortunately her owners have been struggling financially so she is being re-established on it whilst in foster. Samba is good with children of all ages and we are told other dogs. Not had much exercise recently so does need building up, but does not act her age and loves her balls! Super temperament and good basic commands. Can you give Samba a home please? Samba now settling in nicely with her new dad and brother. Amber as she was renamed, has sadly gone to Rainbow Bridge after a fight with the dreaded C. Loved to the end she passed in her dad’s arms peacefully.
  6. Harry

    Harry is an 8 year neutered male who is microchipped and now vaccinated. This poor lad has really not had the greatest life having been in the same home since a pup, he has missed out on socialisation and more recently exercise as he is difficult to manage. Now in kennels as his owners could not cope any longer. Harry is very toy and treat orientated which will come in useful in rehabilitating him . When assessed in his home, Harry was desperately unsure and very stressed meeting a stranger. Our kennels have said, he is a typical nervous  lad and will need time and patience so that he learns to trust and build up his confidence. With those people he does trust, he is the most affectionate and loving lad. There is no bad in this lad at all, he would ideally like a home on his own as can be tricky with other dogs. . Since moving kennels Harry has enjoyed lots of off lead time and recently a group walk which he loved and was a really good lad so all the hard work is paying off. More up dates to come. Are you that special home? Harry...
  7. Logan

    Logan has come across to us from Devon GSD Rescue. He is 12 years young and entire but at his age he has earned the right to keep his manhood. Microchipped and vaccinated. Logan is an ex Prison dog who used to do perimeter work. He is a very friendly boy with people and dogs. He did go to a super home but became very anxious when left on his own so he needs a family where there is always someone there. It will need to be a very special home for this super old lad! The lovely Logan has gone to Rainbow Bridge after a short but severe bout of CDRM.  
  8. Koshi

    May I introduce Koshi who is 3 years, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Koshi is a young, nervous lad who has been through a lot in his short life. Original owners had no GSD experience so passed him onto someone who chained him up outside, wanting him to be a guard dog, and his current owners purchased him through Gumtree at 7 months old. They have put in a lot of work with him but he needs more than they can give especially with a young child and another on the way. He would love to find a calm and experienced home, preferably in a quiet, rural environment .  Teenagers only and a no to cats. Has lived with an older female shep but an only dog home we feel would be better as he has been reactive to dogs he has met so will need work with his doggie socialisation. If you think your are this special home with experience of nervous dogs around new people, please apply today! Sadly we lost Koshi from an internal bleed.  
  9. Florence

    This lovely lady is Florence who is a 7-8 years old. Florence came into another rescue having been picked up as a stray on the streets of London so her history is unknown. Now in foster with us, Florence is very well behaved but will need owners used to the breed as she does need to be introduced to new dogs and new people correctly. However she has been very friendly with other dogs she has met but can be a little pushy at times. A gentle girl who has been very calm and easy and loves a fuss, she has had some lumps and bumps removed and is sensitive around her ears which have been treated and clear at present. Would prefer a quieter life without young children. Would live with another dog but middle aged upwards. This is what her foster mum has to say about her: “Flo has been waiting patiently to be introduced to everyone.  She found her foster family on Valentine’s day & is making the most of stay at what she describes as “La Chien Resort”.  Flo was picked up as a stray in London & has seen the workings of other rescues too. ...
  10. Rover

    This lovely lad is 7 year Rover who is now neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Rover’s dad died and he was very lost when he first arrived at the kennels. As you can see from the photos Rover was extremely obese and is still on a diet and strict exercise regime at present. He is used to children 8 and over, seems to ignore other dogs and has lived with cats. Never been off lead until he arrived with us! Now this lad is trimmed down and fitter he will be a great addition to your home! Now in foster in he is settling in well with his foster brother he is being the perfect house guest. Rover has found his forever home! Having spent his last years with a super family,Rover has now gone to Rainbow Bridge.
  11. Sasha

    Lovely Sasha has sadly been passed around quite a lot in her life so no surprise she suffers with some anxiety issues when left. This has got lots better but will need to be worked on. She is 6 years young, neutered, vaccinated and chipped. Sasha can be quite clingy with new people but as long as you reassure her you are there to stay she will settle. Can be strong on the lead but that is easy to sort out, loves to be with you so recall should be easily worked on. Ok with older children, ok with dogs but can get jealous so need to be aware of this, no to cats and other small furries. Can you give this lovely girl her forever home once and for all? Sasha is staying with her foster family. Sadly Sasha has now gone to Rainbow Bridge after developing stomach cancer.
  12. Cleo

    Meet the lovely lady that is Cleo. We believe her to be neutered, and she is now vaccinated or chipped. She is 9yrs young. We are told she is good with kids of all ages, fine with dogs and ok with cats. Cleo has suffered with a skin condition in the past which seems to have cleared up well with the owner treating it with tree tea oil. Cleo had to go into kennels when we first took her in where she came across a sensitive girl who shied away from strangers. Probably the upheaval bless her and she was very attached to her owner but due to certain circumstances could not keep her. Now in foster this lovely lady is proving to be a star. She is currently living with 5 other dogs of all shapes and sizes and has been playing with the younger ones. She is very polite and well mannered and a total joy to have around. There is a smile on her face and she loves the company, be it dogs or people. She is better with smaller dogs as she can get jealous and slightly dominant with larger dogs. Could you offer this lovely...
  13. Saffy

    This gorgeous girl sadly came into rescue at the age of around 10 in a very poor state which we soon found out she had a huge tumour in her bladder. We found out from the pound puller that she was actually pulled from the estuary by a member of the public after being dumped in their by her callous owner more than likely because she needed vet care and money spending on her!! For poor Saffy time had run out and we could do nothing to save her and after only 2 weeks she got bloat brought on by further tumours, rushed to emergency vets and had to be PTS, a very very sad case of neglect. Rest in peace you beautiful girl. xxx
  14. Lasso

    This lovely lad is 7 year, neutered male, Lasso. He is up to date with vaccinations and microchipped. Lasso’s dad had passed away and he was staying with his owner’s son who had 2 bitches of his own. Unfortunately it was not practical for Lasso to stay there long term so was looking for a new home of his own. We were told that he is good with visiting children and fine with other dogs. Lasso greeted our volunteer with barking, but then came for a sniff, and brought her a toy.  We were told he loves travelling and had done lots of road trips in a campervan with his dad. Lasso does pull on the lead to start or when he sees other dogs, and has some recall. Good basic commands. Lasso found himself a lovely home but seemed a different dog to the one assessed. This big lad found a new lease of life and expressed it all wrongly.  Lasso moved in with a GSD bitch who he sometimes overpowered so she kept out of the way. Outside he was very controlling and lunged at other dogs when on the lead. Being so big and strong means he...
  15. Lollypop

    Stunning older lady looking for a new home due to child’s allergy and being left for much longer periods. She is 9yrs young, spayed, fully vaccinated and chipped. Good with children , vocal when meeting other dogs but then fine, no to cats and has never met livestock. Does do a little singing when travelling but then settles, can be a little possessive about her food, good on the lead, excited to start with, recall needs brushing up on, knows some commands, loves to play ball but not always as keen to give it back! A large girl for a bitch with a fab temperament, can you offer her a second chance? This lovely older lady has now been adopted. Sadly Lolly lost her mum and not long after also lost her fight to cancer.
  16. Zeta

    This gorgeous older lady was put onto a free ads site as the new child had possibly developed an allergy to her hair?! Zeta is 9yrs young, neutered, fully vaccinations and microchipped. Her owner tells us she is good with children, grown up with a 6yo. Fine with dogs, just sniffs and walks away. Cats unknown. Strong on the lead to begin with but then improves. Our assessor was smitten with this lovely girl, she was a real gem, loves to play ball, walks beautifully to heal off lead. A super girl who is now looking for a lovely home to live out her twighlight years, can you help? This lovely girl has found her perfect retirement home. Zeta had a wonderful and loving retirement but has sadly now gone to Rainbow Bridge.
  17. Ben

    This lovely lad is Ben who is 8 years young. He is not neutered and his vaccinations are up to date and he is microchipped. We are told he is GSD cross Collie but not a lot of Collie there. Ben’s owner is an older lady and not very mobile now and Ben is craving much more exercise than she is able to give him. He is wary of young children and staffies, but fine with other dogs. Unknown with cats. This is what our volunteer had to say about him: “I was greeted by Ben at the door, he was quiet and very very friendly, he greeted me with kisses and wanted a fuss made of him, which he allowed me to do. Ben is a cross which in a way makes him slightly different but in a positive way as he has an adorable face and looks very much like a Shepherd. Ben was friendly the whole time I was there, he sat, stayed and had recall. We played fetch with his ball which he loved and he allowed me to remove his favourite toy (a ball) from his mouth with no issues. Ben is currently much loved...
  18. Woody

    Not much known about this lovely old lad. Woody is 10 years, neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. As we do not know his full history we would not rehome him with young children. Currently unknown with dogs and cats. It appears Woody was very loved by his family, but undersocialised so is nervous when meeting strangers until he gets to know you. This lovely old lad would just like a retirement pad of his own again please. The lovely Woody is staying with his foster home. Poor Woody had a stroke and never recovered.
  19. Duke

    Duke has come across to us from Devon GSD Rescue. He is 9 years young. His vaccinations are up to date and he is microchipped. Duke came in due to a marital split and had lived teenage children. He was rehomed to a lady who taught music, and he quickly became very protective of her which was not ideal with people in and out of her home. A super friendly lad. Ok around the other dogs in the kennels but probably best as the only dog. This lad just needs experienced owners who can make him realise he can just be a dog rather than a protector. Do you have a Duke sized space in your home please? Sadly Duke has gone to Rainbow Bridge, peacefully in the arms of his foster mum with his favourite toy.
  20. Baz

    May I introduce Baz who is 4 years old, neutered, vaccinate and microchipped. Baz did not have the best start in life and was taken in by us over 2 years ago. We quickly found he is good with other dogs when off lead, and loved people. All this lad needed was some boundaries and guidance. Baz was adopted and has been in that home for over 2 years but unfortunately for reasons unknown, he started being aggressive to the lady of the house who is partially sighted. They felt he had overbonded with dad and was showing protective issues, and was pushing the boundaries again with his mum. We would not rehome Baz with young children, but should be fine with other dogs. Unknown with cats. Baz just needs an experienced home that can keep the boundaries in place at all times. Otherwise you will be getting a loving and fun lad! The gorgeous Baz is at peace over Rainbow Bridge now x  
  21. Cassie

    May I introduce the rather stunning Cassie who is just 4 years old. Spayed fully vaccinated and microchipped. She does seem to bond very quickly with one person and then likes to tell other people to stay away which makes it very difficult for her in the home. She did get re homed and this is what happened, she attached herself to the husband and told the wife to stay away so whoever gives this girl a chance will have to be prepared to work with this and try to convince her that being close to more than one person is fine and normal. Cassie had been in kennels for a while but is now lucky enough to be in foster where to date she has shown none of her previous behaviour in a home. She would be best in a child free home and whilst she is OK with other dogs when out, would like to be the only dog please. No cats If anyone with GSD experience thinks they are prepared to give this girl a go then please get in touch. Do you fancy flyball, agility, canicross…..well I am sure Cassie would!! Cassie had problems we could...
  22. Simba

    This handsome lad is 6 year Simba who is now neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Simba is good with children, other dogs and lives with cats. Currently living with Lady who was also in need of a home as their owners are moving into smaller accommodation where they cannot take the dogs. Simba is good on the lead, has recall and basic commands. A lovely lad who needs a new home please. Now safely in foster and taking everything in his stride. This lovely lad now has a home to call his own. The gorgeous Simba has crossed Rainbow Bridge to reunite with his sister Lady.  
  23. Rocky

    Some sad news, but Rocky, the old man that came out of the pound and went to Cornwall has gone to Rainbow Bridge. This poor soul came to us with a terrible ear infection 5 weeks ago. This was all cleared up. We were told he was about 9 years old and he had been a yard dog. He had days of seeming down in the dumps and then days of being happy. He was being carefully monitored and loved nothing more than to cuddle up with Uncle Chris. He was found in the morning and appeared to have just gone to sleep. The day before he had eaten well and been up the field chasing bunnies even though he was never fast enough. Sleep tight Rocky Boy x
  24. Barney

    Barney was adopted from GSRE in April 2014 after his previous family couldn’t keep him due to a marital split. Tragically, Barney’s daddy died recently and so he finds himself back with GSRE through no fault of his own. Barney is 9 years young and a real ball of adorable fluff that loves to remain active. In 2013 Barney had his right eye removed due to a tumour.  This doesn’t bother him in any way and the problem is all sorted now. Barney would like to say to his prospective mum or dad…well in addition to.. ADOPT ME PLEASE!! Please don’t be put off that I am 9 years young.. I love to go on long walks and sniff everything.  I am good with other dogs as long as they are nice to me, which I think is fair.  I have lived with a bitch in my previous home so could do so again, although I really love all the attention on me! I have paid attention to my training and I walk like a good boy on the lead.  I am also very clever as I have learnt all of these commands – sit, down, wait, stay, leave, rollover,...
  25. Tango

    Say hello to our resident old gent Tango. Neutered, fully vacs and chipped. Dumped in the pound, about 8/9yrs young, totally bewildered as to why he has been abandoned poor lad but is now settling well in our kennels thanks to Kim and Allison. He is ok with  dogs if not in his face with a confident bitch he would be absolutely great, maybe older kids but he doesn’t want to hassle of small children but a definite no to cats! We think he may be crossed with a Belgian shep, lovely temperament , friendly older boy looking to get out of kennels and into a home of his own, come on guys have a heart!!! The lovely Tango is now in a home of his with a little brother to keep him on his toes! “Sadly my last Billy and Tango update. This morning on our visit to the vets Tango sadly was put to sleep. The vet had found a large growth in his stomach which our vet believed to stressful for Tango at his age (13) to cope with. I made again one of the hardest decisions one has to make…to have my boy put to sleep….so...
  26. Dillon

    Dillon is an 8 year old neutered male. Dillon has been a working dog with the MOD and now needs a retirement home to call his own.  He was with his handler, who could not keep him long term because of his working hours. We are told Dillon is good with children and most other dogs but can be off with other males. Dillon has never lived with another dog but has had plenty of socialisation. Our assessor found him to be very calm and obedient. This lovely lad was happy to have his belly rubbed by our assessor and then gave her a kiss. His handler is very sad at having to re-home Dillon but knows it is best thing for Dillion.  Dillon can be a fussy eater but is currently happy on Royal Canin. Now in foster, Dillon has settled in a treat with 2 other dogs and so has been the perfect guest. Can you give Dillon the forever retirement home he deserves? Dillon is now in his home with 2 brothers and a sister. The lovely Dillon has run across Rainbow Bridge at a grand age of 12.
  27. Soldier

    Soldier and Prince both came to us from another rescue where they were not coping with the busy environment. They are brothers and are both 8 years old. Both neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. The boys have been in the same home together since they were pups and were used as a deterrent on the owner’s business premises. However both lads are extremely sociable with people and love a fuss and a play. Not had direct interaction with children but were used to hearing them around at the local school. Would probably be best to have a child free home. The dogs were socialised with other dogs when younger but have had little socialisation of late due to a reduction in their walks. Soldier had a wonderful time with Auntie Linda when he was diagnosed with CDRM earlier this year. Sadly the time came to let him go to Rainbow Bridge.
  28. Matey

    This handsome gentleman is Matey who is 10 years young. He is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. We were contacted by a dog ambulance service who had taken him in for the police after he had been found sleeping on the bed with his mum who had passed away. Apparently he had lost his dad a few months previously. Matey had been with them since a pup and had been treated like a child according to the neighbours. He had not had much exercise in a long time as you can probably guess from his photo! He was very stressed when he first came in but has settled now next to a bitch. The kennels say Matey is extremely strong on the lead but not surprised as he has not been used to walking on a lead for a very long time. Other than that he is a real perfect, loving gentleman, a real pleasure. Ever so loving with a big heart. Matey would be best as the only dog as he has had little socialisation in his life. Could you give him a retirement pad? Matey is now in his forever home and settled well. Matey has gone to Rainbow...
  29. Ross

    Just take a look at this fabulous specimen of a German Shepherd dog!! Say hello to Ross. This lad has given the best years of his life to the police force and now finds himself in rescue after being re homed to a very elderly lady who was taken in to care and he was left living in a stable!! He is still entire, his vaccinations have lapsed, microchipped. Although this lad is 11 you would never know, he is still very much switched on to all that’s happening around him, great with other dogs, fine with older children but a big no to cats. He went straight into foster and his foster family couldn’t bear to part with him so they have now adopted him! Lucky boy! Sadly Ross has gone to Rainbow Bridge. His mum had this to say: “So here’s the post I never wanted to write. This morning, the legend that was RPD Rossifer, walked his final beat. Such an amazing dog and an absolutely stunning example of this fine breed. It has been my absolute privilege and pleasure to have owned this dog and I regret only that he wasn’t on the rescue’s radar sooner....
  30. Lady

    This sweet girl is 5 year Lady who is spayed but not up to date with her vaccinations. Lady is good with children, other dogs and lives with cats. Currently living with Simba who is also in need of a home as their owners are moving into smaller accommodation where they cannot take the dogs. Lady is good on the lead, has recall and basic commands. A lovely girl who needs a new home please. Now safely in foster and taking everything in her stride. Lady is happy in her new home now. Poor Lady has gone to Rainbow Bridge having been diagnosed with severe anemia and despite the vet’s best efforts and having said goodbye to her family, Lady moved on to her new journey.
  31. Petra

    Petra is about 4 years old. Unknown if spayed but microchipped and vaccinations being started. We received a post over Easter saying this girl was in a pound and was due to die on Tuesday so we offered to take her in and give the poor lass a chance. Petra came in with a very bad ear which was so painful she did not want anyone touching it, but this is now being treated. At present she is strong on the lead but probably just because she is pleased to get out of the kennels, and has been reactive to other dogs, but been super friendly with everyone she has met. Will need an experienced home to give this beautiful girl a chance. Petra has now been to the vets and been spayed, had an umbilical hernia removed and has had her ear flushed so fingers crossed she is on the road to recovery. Poor Petra had a nasty lump come up on her spine. Unfortunately the vets were sure it was cancerous and were it was it was gong to be impossible to remove safely. She had been cared for and had so much fun the short time she...
  32. Holly

    Meet Holly. She is 6yrs old, still entire, has started her vaccinations again and is now chipped. Holly is fine with the resident child but has no history with any others so teenagers only, Holly is very under socialised with other dogs so barks if they come close as we think she has no idea how she should react. no to cats. Holly has only ever been walked on the harness, never let off the lead so has no recall that we know of. Our assessor found Holly to be a friendly little girl who just needed to get out and about more to broaden her view on life, can anyone reading this help Holly with this? Holly is now in our kennels bless her and is suffering a little with anxiety. Once she has met you properly she is a very friendly girl but needs a new owner to take their time and allow her to come to you when she is ready as she gets scared if you rush or push her to quickly. She has had an upset tummy for a week or so , we are trying her on some meds and will visit the vet again...
  33. Roger

    Well what can I say about this poor lad? Roger is about 3 years old and came to us from a local council having been picked up as a stray. He is now neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.  He came in extremely underweight and in poor condition. No children as his history is unknown. Has not been reactive to the other dogs in kennels but will need training and socialisation as does not seem to understand how to behave when in close proximity to other dogs. Roger is a lovely, friendly chap with people who so deserves a home to give him a chance at being a dog and having a normal life. The lovely Roger had a short but super life in a new home but very sadly was rushed to the vets with suspected bloat. It was in fact cancer and the tumours had burst. Roger was let go peacefully x
  34. Heidi

    Say hello to our little Heidi. Came into us sometime ago from the pound where she wasn’t scanned but when she came to us we found a chip! Having contacted the chip company she was in fact called Kim (but prefers Heidi) and was 10 years old and spayed. She is now 11. Heidi went into foster with 6 sheps, 2 terriers, 3 cats, and horses. She was absolutely fine with all of them. Heidi is a cross shep and is a tiny girl, a quite soul who fits in without much fuss, obedient when told to do something, good recall when off lead. Has learned to play and loves life to the full. She had found herself a wonderful new home but a year later circumstances have changed and her mum is having to move into a flat where Heidi cannot go. Do you think you could offer this older lady a place to call her own for the last time please? Heidi has herself a wonderful retirement home! The gorgeous Heidi has gone to Rainbow Bridge x  
  35. Suki

    Suki came to us from another rescue where she was at risk of being put to sleep. She is an 8 year bitch who is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. She originally came in as a stray so no history and we would therefore not rehome her with young children. She was cat tested and was ok. Currently in foster with 5 other dogs of different size and sex with no problems. She likes to play with the younger dogs and sometimes can get a bit bossy but stops when told to. Would love a retirement home of her own please. Can you give Suki that chance? Suki now has a lovely new family to enjoy her life with! The lovely Suki had a sudden onset of illness and the kindest thing was to let her go.
  36. OJ

    This lovely man is 7 year neutered OJ. OJ loves people but will only get on with some dogs and has lived with them in the past. OJ walks well in a halti and has basic commands. Desperately in need of a new home as his owner cannot afford him and cannot give him the attention he needs. A loving lad who is in desperate need of some tlc and exercise. OJ is safely in our care in kennels at present. Can you help please? OJ is now with his forever home. Poor OJ had problems with his tummy for a while and was also diagnosed with lymphoma. His Mum knew it was time for him to rest in peace.
  37. Buster – The Golden Oldie

    Buster came into the rescue as an emergency case along with a bitch called Storm. Their owner literally offloaded the dogs onto somebody who could not keep them but took them in so they were safe. Very little was known about Buster’s past but from his microchip we were able to establish he was 7 and we knew he was neutered. It looked as if he may have been through the wars though! Buster turned out to be a very friendly lad with people and loved cuddles and fuss. Walked nicely on a lead and had good recall and basic commands. The only dog in kennels the volunteers were allowed to let off lead when out walking. He was fine with dogs out on a walk but could get quite dominant once indoors with them so Buster wanted to be the only dog. Buster found a home where he finally had a Mum and Dad of his own to give him all the love and happiness he deserved. His proudest moment was winning the Goldie Oldie Competition out of 15,000 entries through The Good Vet and Pet Guide. He really touched the hearts of so many. Sadly after a short illness,...
  38. Chewie

    Feast your eyes on this lovely older boy. His name is Chewie, still entire as came in to us from the pound, he has started his vaccinations and will be chipped. When this lad arrived he was so weak behind he dragged his toes, collapsed a few times and was unable to walk more than a few yards. As usual after spending a short time in our kennels he has put some weight on, helped along with a little pain relief and he has come on so much but we still didn’t feel he was quite right so we had the vet out and poor lad has an infection and some signs of worm burden so now on meds and been wormed! He is a very friendly lad who appears to be about 6/8yrs but in his head he is about 2 and jumps around like a loon when he sees you. As he came to us from the pound we have little knowledge of him, friendly with people so I am sure teenagers will be fine, seems ok around dogs on the kennel walks, no to cats. Can anyone offer this lovely lad a place to call his own?...
  39. Jerry Lee

    This handsome lad is Jerry Lee who is 9 years young and neutered. Jerry Lee has been with his current owner since  a pup however is being rehomed as he does not get along with his owner’s new partner’s dogs. He is an absolute softie and craves affection and attention. Good with children and so far been good with dogs of both sexes he has met whilst in foster. Jerry Lee can pull on the lead to start but has recall and basic commands. He loves his toys and certainly does not act his age! This lucky lad is staying with his foster home. The lovely Jerry Lee has sadly passed. He had a wonderful life with his family and will be greatly missed.
  40. Tango

    Prepared to be stunned people, meet our Tango. 10yrs young, neutered, fully vaccinated and chipped. Poor Tango is blind and has been since around 5yrs old, due to his owner shaking him so violently after making a mess in the house at 4 month old he actually detached the retinas from his eyes…..nice eh? Now in foster with 4 other dogs of different breed and 4 cats who he is fine with. He has the sweetest nature and would add pleasure to any home without a doubt. Tango is staying with his foster mum.
  41. Dusty

    Dusty has come across to us from Devon GSD Rescue who took him in just before Christmas as his owner was suffering from a severe medical condition. Currently entire, he will be neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. Dusty is only 18 months old and has missed out on a lot in life, including socialisation and lead training, having hardly left his home! Dusty settled into the kennels and seemed fine however over the weeks he became more and more aggressive and it was totally unpredictable. After weeks of working with to ensure it was not behavioural and long discussions with the vet, sadly it appears that Dusty either had some form of tumour or maybe damage which would cause this form of behaviour. So sad with an animal so young.
  42. Oscar

    May I introduce the very handsome Oscar who  is 4 years old , neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Oscar has just arrived into foster from another rescue where he was not enjoying kennel life so not much known about him at present. So far has been absolutely fine with people and whilst not yet fully socialised with the other dogs in the home has shown not to be reactive towards them. A lovely lad looking for a forever home. Lucky lad Oscar has been adopted by his foster family. This lovely lad sadly had some form of seizure and passed away. He had just over 2 years love and happiness with his new family.
  43. Gypsy

    This gorgeous girl is 6 years young and spayed. She was adopted by a couple over a year ago from another rescue but very sadly her dad passed away unexpectedly this year and mum is unable to give her the exercise she needs. Gypsy is good with children other dogs and cats she knows but does like to chase rabbits etc. She is very vocal when meeting other dogs and can appear confrontational . She is curious of cows and horses but will chase deer. A lovely friendly girl who does pull on the lead but has basic commands and recall (if she is in the mood and not off to greet a dog!). A super dog with people and children. Gypsy is used to a nice rural location so would love similar if possible please. This lovely lass is now settling in with her new family. We have just heard from Gypsy’s devastated family that they lost her recently to the dreaded C.
  44. Rafa

    Rafa came across to us from Devon GSD Rescue. He originally came from Portugal. He is 4 years old, neutered, his vaccinations are up to date and he’s microchipped. Rafa is a friendly boy. He’s lived with cats and Wulf who is a Northern Inuit x Czech Wolf Dog. Rafa will need a very committed owner because he has Leishmaniasis which is a blood parasitic condition contracted from sand flies. The tablets are long term, but he is very good about taking them. He would require regular vet checks including blood tests. Sadly Rafa was diagnosed with Lymphoma before Christmas and with his current condition there were no viable treatments. He became very lethargic and sad, so the decision was made to let him go to Rainbow Bridge.
  45. Rex

    May  I introduce Rex. Rex is now neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He is 3 years old. Rex is a perfect example of why you should not buy dogs of Gumtree or such like websites! We were asked to take Rex in urgently as he had been obtained through Gumtree the night before. His 24 hour owner thought he looked a nice dog and there were photos of him with children. No other history was established but the reason he was told Rex needed a new home was because his dad was emigrating. Rex went home and was fine with his new owner but was not at all happy with his 11 year old child or wife.  And guess what, he tried to ring Rex’s original owner but there was never any answer! We obviously therefore have no history on this stunning lad, only what the kennels have seen in his first couple of days. Rex comes across as being slightly nervous but also slightly grumpy. When out walking he tries to bite the lead and jumps up but listens to a strong voice. He does not appear aggressive. For obvious reasons we would not home Rex with children but with...
  46. Jim

    Say a big hello to Jim. This poor old sod was emaciated, had very little hair on his back and his legs were barely supporting him when we agreed to take him in from a dog pound after being picked up as a stray! He was still entire, no chip and probably had never seen a vaccination in his life. He had an old flea allergy which had turned cystic and most of the hair on his back had fallen out. He had what appeared to be some degree of spinal damage from who knows when or why and hadn’t had a good meal in years! We took him in to our kennels and very quickly moved him in to foster at Shady Pines with Nicola, Adam, Will, Kira, Cookie and Ross where he lived the life of a king for the very short time he was with us. R.I.P. beautiful boy, sorry we couldn’t do anymore but you were very much loved at the end. xxx
  47. Molly

    Molly and Jay are just 16 weeks old. Both have super temperaments and great with other dogs. Only being rehomed due to a relationship breakdown. Molly has now found a super new home. This poor little girl suffered a tumour of the spleen which took her very quickly at the early age of just 16 months. Molly is now at peace at Rainbow Bridge.
  48. Archie

    May I introduce the stunning Archie. Some volunteers may remember we took in a dog named Henry from a Welsh pound, well this is him who responds to Archie, so that is what he is now known as. Archie is a 2 year neutered male. He is currently in foster and has been perfectly behaved and friendly with other dogs, people and copes with the cats who know better than to run with a new dog in the house. Archie will need an experienced home that can give him continued training and loads of exercise! His basic commands and recall are fairly good but lead work is still in progress as he pulls like Thomas the Tank Engine.  Archie is very fit and keeps up with foster mum on her daily 1 hour runs along with another 2 walks a day. Apart from having separation anxiety, which may also be due to what he has been through recently, foster mum cannot fathom why anyone would have lost/let this lad go. The lovely Archie is now in a home of his own! Archie has very suddenly and tragically gone to Rainbow Bridge. He had a super life once in his new...
  49. Larry

    This beautiful lad is Larry who was 3 years old when he came to us from the pound. He was in our kennels just under a week and was the daftest fool going. Especially enjoyed his pamper at the poof parlour! Larry started to suffer major seizures and when he came back round would become very aggressive. We suspected epilepsy and were arranging for the vet to come and see him. Unfortunately before this happened, Larry experienced another massive seizure and having come round and been let out for a run later, he circled and then bit the kennel owner. Fortunately puncture wounds rather than tears, but totally unexpected. The head vet came to visit and watched as Larry went into another seizure. He had blood coming from his nose and the vet quickly established this was not epilepsy. The sensible decision was made that Larry had to be put to sleep for his own welfare and for the staff’s safety. Once Larry had passed, he had brown liquid oozing from his nose. His eyes were bloodshot but not in the normal way, they were yellow and orange. His abdomen was swollen. We cannot say for sure what this poor...
  50. Shadow

    This lovely lad is Shadow. He is 5yo, neutered male. Fully vaccinated and microchipped. His owner says he is good with children of all ages but does tend to knock them over! This poor lad has a pretty miserable existence so far, he was purchased as a puppy to live outside and guard the house which is what he has done for the whole five years of his life…nice?! The only reason they have given him up is because they were reported to the council for him constantly barking. He is a friendly lad, a little head shy, coat and body could be in better condition. He has no idea what a toy is, no basic commands, he doesn’t even know his own name, how sad is that after 5yrs?! Can you offer this poor lad a second chance to know how good life can really be? Shadow has been in foster for several weeks now and he is blossoming! From not knowing what a toy was he has staked his claim on all the tennis balls there!! He is fine with other dogs and would now seriously like to find his forever home, a super dog who would enhance...
  51. Fuss

      Just take a look at this stunner, meet Fuss. He is 10yrs young, in great shape for his age considering his previous life. He is neutered, fully vaccinated and chipped. Good with other dogs once introduced, fine with cats, not met children since being in foster but think he would prefer a child free home. He has a great temperament, good recall, not the best  traveler as in the last 10yrs has only traveled a short trip to the vet once a year for his booster. Anyone looking for a steady older boy for company, nice easy walks  together then look no further, I have your man right here! Fuss now has a home of his own. After a loving end to his life in a super home, Fuss left for Rainbow Bridge when his heart sadly failed him.  
  52. Snoopy

    This is 6 year neutered Snoopy. Snoopy whilst good with children of all ages in the past would be best in an adult only home. He is fine with other dogs but does not like cats! Snoopy greeted our volunteers with a bark in a typical GSD fashion but soon settled down. He pulls on lead but is good off lead and has good recall. Snoopy needs an experienced home who can give him the strong leadership he craves otherwise he will take advantage if he does not want to do something.  He can be protective in the home and has to be introduced to people properly. We were told that he does not like men that wear hoodies or caps. Snoopy does suffer from separation anxiety so would need a home where people are around most of the time. Snoopy is currently in foster but would love to have a home of his own please. The lovely Snoopy is now in his forver home with his new brothers and sister. Murphy as he was renamed, sadly passed to Rainbow Bridge due to lung problems.  
  53. Rosie

    Say hello to Rosie. We believe her to be around 5/7yrs old, not spayed, vaccinated, chipped but as yet unregistered. This poor girl was dumped in a pound which in this day and age you might say well that’s sadly not uncommon but Rosie which is a name we gave her is not only coping with having spinal damage quite possibly from birth but she is also blind! Also after she arrived we discovered she had a condition called MegaColon. We were asked to help because as you can imagine there wasn’t a queue forming, she came into foster with the Clarke Clan and never left. Sadly there was nothing we could do for Rosie medically but what we could do was give her stability, love and a comfy bed, which we did. We did this for almost a year but sadly in July we were forced to say goodbye to this very special girl who had made quite an impact on everyone. R.I.P. Rosie girl. xx
  54. Aslan

    Meet this gorgeous lad called Aslan. He is just 7 years, neutered and microchipped. Aslan came out of a home where he was being left for up to 10 hours a day. Poor Aslan hadn’t had a lot of luck in his life as he badly lacked socialisation with other dogs and people. He did show some aggression to our volunteer on entering the house making it difficult to assess the dog properly in the home. We took this lad into our kennels where we worked with him and helped him turn a corner in his life and learn how to enjoy life again. After just 2 weeks he was mixing well with other dogs and enjoying life. Aslan is a friendly lad when you get to know him but will still need a GSD experienced owner. Aslan has a loving family of his own who he adores. The much loved Aslan passed away very suddenly and will be very missed by his family.
  55. Oscar

    Meet Oscar, he is 6yrs old, not neutered, vaccinated but no card seen, not chipped. We were told he is ok with older children, unknown with dogs, cats or livestock. Although he has lived with the same family all his life, little is known about him and he never sees any other dogs and yet goes out 3/4 times a day?! The owners are moving in three weeks and Oscar is not invited, can anyone help this lad out? Oscar is now in foster with the lady who collected him from his home. Oscar has now moved to our kennels and the poor lad is very confused and not happy at the moment but we are working on him. Sadly we lost Oscar due to medical issues out of our control.
  56. King

    Have a look at this poor young lad, only about 2/3yrs but cannot be certain as he is a stray. Still entire, not vacs or chipped yet. When our assessor first met King he was shocked as to how low this lads confidence was, his tail was bearly visable it was so far under his body! He is a friendly lad but will need an experienced owner / foster to build his confidence back up again. He has been seen to spin and chase his tail in the kennels through stress and not understanding what is happening. He seems to prefer  ladies to men but does cower when you look and speak to him. Are you the person to help this lad see the light at the end of the tunnel to a better life? Sadly we had to let this boy go as there was nothing more we could do for him.
  57. Prince

    May I introduce Prince who is coming up 11 years. He is neutered and microchipped. Prince was originally assessed because his owners were threatened with eviction if he was not gone. He was living in a flat, getting no exercise and had a balcony for a toilet! His nails were overgrown and he appeared very aggressive. We decided he needed a chance after 2 other rescues had assessed him and then turned their backs on him! His owner’s only comment when he left was, who is going to guard me know? Not that she got off the sofa! The children, grown up, wrestled him out of the flat using fire guards to protect themselves. No chance of being able to muzzle him. Prince arrived at Auntie Linda’s and happily came out of the car. Within a few hours he was happily settling in the conservatory. It took a long time the next day to get a muzzle on him but a trip to the vets sorted out his overgrown nails and discovered cysts all around his neck and shoulder area which had obviously been causing immense pain. So off they came as well! Prince has been fine with all the...
  58. Tia

    Here is our lovely lady Tia who is such a loving dog and is looking for her forever home.  Tia has a beautiful full black coat and she just loves to be brushed and shows her thanks by giving you a great big kiss!  Tia likes to lie outside in the garden and most of the time you will forget that she is there as she is absolutely no trouble at all. Despite being almost blind and being on medication for dry eyes, Tia is a joy to treat as she is so used to having drops put in 3 or 4 times a day – she just stands there and accepts that this is part of her life.   Tia has been here for 11 weeks and she has lost 10 kilos in weight which has helped her to become more mobile and she now enjoys running in the garden.  We were told that Tia had epilepsy and indeed she was on drugs for this condition when she came to GSRE, but she has been completely off medication for a month now and has not shown any adverse effects and certainly no fits!!! Tia loves her ball and although she...
  59. Blade

    This poor old lad hasn’t had a very good time of late having come out of an abusive household but he was made safe in our kennels, but now in foster and looking forward to a shiny new life and a new home of his own! He is 8yo, neutered, vaccinated and chipped. Blade is a very friendly boy and seems to like everyone he meets. His owner said he is good with dogs, no good with cats and has never seen livestock. It was very obvious poor Blade has had very little in the way of exercise of late, he has some muscle wastage behind but is very eager to build it back up again as our vollie found out when she got the lead out to put him in her car, he was so excited and bounced like a kangaroo, he also traveled very well. Now in foster care he has settled in really well, wanting to please 100%. Was a little pushy with the resident bitch to start but both living happily together now. We don’t know for sure but it would seem like Blade may have mild HD, he has the occasional anti inflammatory and is...
  60. Rocky

    What about this lovely lad? Rocky is 7 years young. He is being vaccinated, microchipped and neutered, along with a full dental. Rocky’s owner has been struggling to find a way to keep Rocky having had to move into accommodation where he was not allowed. He tried another rescue but Rocky nipped the manager so sealed his fate there. Poor Rocky had not seen his dad or human sister of 10 for 3 months as he had been staying with friends so was just being a little protective of this stranger approaching his dad and sister. Has settled super into foster living with other dogs. Is wary of meeting people initially but soon comes round. This lad just needs somewhere he can chill please! Rocky is staying with his foster family! Poor Rocky was diagnosed with a tumour and sadly had to go to Rainbow Bridge.

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